Brickonicle: Vahki Transport

Vahki Transport
169 Pieces

A view without Minifigs.

Detach the side speeders!

A closer look at a speeder.

Includes Nuurakh, Bordakh, Keerakh, and Rorzakh.


I think the concept behind this is good; a small battlepack to build one's collection of mini-vahki. However, I think that the vahki would look better with custom-built heads (though this could be a new mold) and a toa to combat them so you could have 'combat-in-a-box'.

Also, giving the vahki staffs might look better than simply stud shooters.

Not really a good critique, if this is a battle pack. Battle packa consist of only basic troopers and a small vehicle, without anyone from the enemy side. This is so they can be bought in mass and not have a bunch of repeats of Tahu.

However, since this is much bigger than a battle pack, yeah, maybe add a Toa.


Fair point, I could see not wanting lots and lots of the same figure.

TLBM sets really suffer from this... you only need one Batman.

EDIT: @HewksDKowlihad Fair enough, I can see that.

friendly reminder lego's for kids
kids whose parents mostly likely only buy them a couple of sets a year
every set has batman so every kid can get a batman


@ReeseEH, The staves took more pieces than the guns.
@Omega_Tahu, You're half right, but I remember some Star Wars battle packs that include two figures from each side. Also, the largest battle pack I found had only a few parts less than this, and since this isn't a licenced set, it would be cheaper anyway.

I don't remember. Do you have any examples? Either way, I doubt that they would be important characters.

Battle packs rarely have more than one small vehicle.

Examples of packs with more than one faction and more than one faction.


But, in most cases, a battle pack only includes four minifigures of a similar allegiance. This specific set follows the traditional way of doing it and seeing how this is a contest to make a LEGO-like product, following TLG's norms is more than a good thing.