BRICKONICLE: Vakama's Forge

The Forge of Vakama, an abandoned factory funnel where he crafted countless Kanohi Masks, is a place of memories; it was here where Turaga Dume personally commissioned him to make the Legendary Mask of Time, where he received a mysterious Toa Stone, where the Morbuzzak vines returned, and where Vakama himself was attacked by Vahki when he and his fellow Toa were framed for the disappearance of the Toa Mangai.

For Vakama, a lot of things happened here.

This set includes Toa Vakama, Matoran Vakama, Turaga Dume, two Vahki Zadakh, and five Morbuzzak vines

Vakama’s Forge
Price: $30
Peice count: 456 bricks

[UPDATE] price changed from 45 to 30


I like it. The characters are represented well, even if they have the same head.

The figures and the structure of the forge are very solid, I like the vent pipe and small entire way.
But this set isn’t worth the $45 from the size and value shown.

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More like $30? I’m going by peice-count and some have theirs for more with fewer peices

I absolutely love the Vahki designs, the forge itself is ok too, probably the one thing that bothers me a bit is Vakama´s disk launcher, it could very well be replaced by a stud shooting crossbow and look fine while also having play value. anyway really nice work.

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I’ll keep that in mind about the stud shooter. TY

i like the Vahki

I feel as others have said, the price is too high for what we are seeing. Reduce the number of vines, probably one thick and one thin, remove the additional Vahki and you’d probably be able to cut it down to a good $35 set.

Part of the TTV contest has the price be roughly equal to the parts.

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Huh, this set reminds me of something.

Interesting version.

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Yeah, I honestly had no idea someone had made their own forge [partly because I didn’t see it anywhere in the brickonicle listing]

Cool, I like the Vahki.

Don’t forget, in order for entries to count, they must be posted to the Contest topic. Thank you!

This one is nice. I adore the Vahki design, and the brick built figures are great. How you did the Morbuzahk vines is cool too.