Brickonicle: Vomech siege


Kanohi Huna


I’ve always had a soft spot for these brick built Bionicle sets. It’d be really cool if someday Lego could make stuff like these into real sets even if it’s a quite unrealistic, but that’s besides the point. Firstly, what I believe is the Vomech looks really well built and looks epic. I like how it towers over the Matoran. Making them cower below it in fear. Speaking of the Matoran, their custom heads also turned out pretty good. Nice job!

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The minifigs are superb. Who is the big guy?

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That is supposed to be Vorahk. when brickonicle was still ongoing on the channel the idea for him was Minotaur like. So that is what I went for however instead of him being like a bull I went for for a horse like appearance since that works better with the mask piece.

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