Brickpiler's Moc Topic

These are all the bionicle mocs I have made within the past 1 and a half months, most of them being matoran. I don’t have names for these, except that the small one with the gold protector mask is supposed to be a grandma type character. Hope you enjoy these!

This dude kinda looks like turaga Whenua

Keep on Mocin’!


These look pretty little man, but seriously these have good builds, can you scale them up to an official lego set? Preferably a bionicle set

I was thinking hat myself. but I don’t have many bionicle pieces at the moment, I only have three metrutoran, velika, and klakk. I am planning to change that soon, though.

I don’t know what that 2nd thing is, but its tiny and I love it! I also love the four-legged one to. And the turaga lookin’ ones. Heck! I love all of them.

These are quite odd.

Some of the mocs are a little strange but most are quite neat

First one is the best by far. The others are cute, but design-wise they can’t compete with the gold fellow.

He’s got a pretty neat color scheme, and seems to have consistent armoring. I have to say the biggest thing that irks me is just the chest armor being so vastly different than the rest of the armoring.