I've had to keep quiet on recent information I had been aware of for quite a while now, but seeing as LEGO has given the behind-the-scenes okay...

I live (somewhat) close to the state of Michigan, where this September, 2017, Brickworld will be coming to. LEGO hasn't quite approved it yet as an official event, but it will still be occurring nonetheless. I do intend to make an appearance, and I was wondering if anyone else was interested?


I've never heard of Brickworld...and I live in Michigan!

Do you have a link to the event?

It looks like BW 2017 will take place in Novi, MI Sept 23 & 24. I may go this summer, it's like a two hour drive for me.

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I would o but michigan is a really far drive, and i dont own a permit or license.

I don't, but what @Likus has said is correct. It will be taking place on the 23rd and 24th, September, 2017, A.D.

It will be taking place at the Suburban Collection Showplace, right off of I-96. LEGO has hosted LEGO Kids' Fest there a couple of times before, so fans familiar with the previous event will know where to go.

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