Bring in the Titans! (Species Pitch)

In G1 there were tons of creative and powerful villains who towered over the matoran. I’ve got an idea for a new species that I’d like to share, but first I’ve got to go over where I stand on issue of matoran as the cast went over in the latest episode.

I personally believe that matoran are stronger than people give credit for but they don’t necessarily rival the toa unless given significant upgrades to the point at which they feel like outliers of their species, so much so that they feel closer to toa, at which the point of them being matoran is lost. I also feel much of the discourse on the issue of matoran height/power comes from their relationship/hierarchy with the toa, and given that these two are of the same species or close enough that their only main differences are height, strength, and power, those differences should be emphasized. To me, the matoran are villagers, citizens, people defined by their dependency on the toa, which is why matoran who break that mold are celebrated as characters, but nonetheless they are anomalies. Matoran can fight and win using their cunning, but that’s made special in their case because of their inherent disadvantage.

Now out of this arises the question of where the toa will get their villains beyond the Rahkshi, and this is where my pitch comes in. I propose a titan species, possibly directly called the Titans or the Ancient Titans. They were a prehistoric species that existed long before the matoran and are at least the size of the toa, if not possibly even bigger. They were a race of powerless/non-elemental warriors that wiped themselves out. In a sense, they are the antithesis of the matoran; the Titans are a species defined by their warring nature whereas the matoran are what they are because of their unity.

So where are they? I imagine a lost city beneath the island or the ruins of settlements of different Titan tribes/fortresses scattered across the island. Since the island is allegedly going to be quite large, it would make sense for these ruins to get lost and forgotten, especially after all the time that has passed. I think instead of a lost city, there could be catacombs discovered deep beneath the surface, probably from the Earth village.

Makuta or Karzahni would be compelled to bring them back from the dead to challenge and fight the toa, or there could be certain Titans still alive in parts of the island, hidden away and frozen in time to protect certain important places. They wouldn’t directly be slaves to either of these forces, but they would hate the matoran because they were an entitled people who looked down on weakness and hate that the matoran succeeded the island despite being so much weaker and smaller than they.

Their presence on the island can be understated though, but it does add another layer of mystery and history to the island and provide a foil to the matoran, a reminder to the audience of why they are important.

There are examples of characters who’s likenesses can be brought back as Titans, like Brutaka, Kulta, Nektann, The Shadowed One, etc. They can be a simple side plot that stretches across the run, un-peeling its layers slowly as is relevant to the larger picture of the story or the smaller details of the island. At some point they can get a year or wave dedicated to them if they would have a larger presence or story arc, kinda like the Bohrok (in the sense that they feed into the larger narrative but also stand on their own as their own species with their own motives), or they can simply play a stronger role in some other arc.

Overall though, adding a lost Titan species can be an understated way of bringing culture and history to the island, as well as a way to add individual villain side characters that can have a great level of variety/individuality or a separate army/force to challenge the toa and matoran. This concept is broad enough to be bent into whatever way necessary, and fits onto the island without overcrowding it, all while adding a source for villains and mystery.

What do you all think? If you have anything to add onto this stub of an idea, I’m super excited to hear it! Any respectful criticisms are totally awesome as well.


This is another interesting topic, but atm I think we should keep the number of sentient races down to a minimum.

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I completely agree, except I’m not too excited about G2 races coming into play.

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The extra races on other islands are awesome. sadly i feel that the TTV cast needs to consider the fact of “plot convinice” and not “why did this guy get to our island.”

Anyway I like your concept. We need to have a more bricks on the board. to throw around with.

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I really like this idea. It actually reminds me of the ice dudes from Chima. Also for those saying we should limit the amount of sentient beings, these guys are ancient and they could have never showed themselves to matoran back all those years ago. (Hidden underground or something) I personally like the idea of a titan controlling hordes of rahi against the toa/ matoran, and maybe having titans spread out through g3’s hypothetical run, instead of all at once.

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Great idea for a species, love it. It could even tie in why matoran are not as strong as toa, because Ekimu was displeased what the titans had become and therefore made the matoran less warrior like and smaller, so they needed to work together to survive against the bigger rahi and are therefore more peaceful.

I had an idea myself, however it is flawed. I had the idea that the great beings needed people to help on create and maintain the island. Because they are/were necessary for the island, they can be bigger and more powerful that one toa. The issue that comes forth from my idea, is that it would just create one-off/gimmicky characters.


Rather intresting… I love the pitch

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Your idea is actually really cool! The Titans could’ve been originally meant to be a productive, constructive species and were made strong to create bigger, better cities and civilizations but instead used their power to fight with each other and start wars! They were a failure in Ekimu’s eyes because they were given the power to do good but misused it, whereas the matoran are smaller and thus use their unity to be powerful together, and instead use that power they worked for to create homes, families, peace.

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