Broforce - The Discussion Thread

Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the gun.

Broforce, for the uninitiated, is a run 'n' gun game featuring action movie characters taking on terrorists (and even aliens) with guns blazing (or blades sharpened).

Ever since I got this game on Steam, I've been having a blast with both the main campaign plus custom campaigns. Heck, the fact that it supports local multiplayer (they recommend using separate keyboards) makes it excellent for offline.

Is anyone interested in a game like this? Does anyone else play?

If you haven't tried it out, there's the Brototype and the Expendables tie-in, Expendabros, both free. It gives a good taste at how the main game is.

Rest in peace, bro!


It's soo good...


I love this game. I need more friends to play it with.

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It really is, isn't it?

It's definitely better with friends. :smile:

So, who's your favorite bro? So far, I'm really digging Brade.

So patriotic it hurts.


So the freedom update just came out.

Rocketeer is in it.

I know what I'm doing for the 4th of July.


While I love how different Rocketeer is among the other bros (weapon that doesn't generally one-hit kill, increased maneuverability, dive-bombing), I absolutely adore the work Free Lives did with Broheart and incorporating one of the film's famous lines into his special.

Among those that got new melee attacks in the update, I feel Cherry suffers quite a lot from it.

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