Brotherhood of Makuta-Aegis

Name: Aegis
Assigned region: Northern Continent
Kanohi: Mask of Situational Awareness
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Ambassador, toxicologist
Weapons: Janghal Staff, psychic barriers

HISTORY: Shortly after the convocation between Teridax and Miserix, Aegis was assigned to the Northern Continent with Krika, Gorast, and a few other Makuta. One of the more passive Makuta to inhabit the Matoran Universe, Aegis had always possessed a knack for experimenting with various poisons and toxins. Her tenacity and intelligence with this subject had earned her quite the reputation amongst the inhabitants of her portion of the landmass, especially a certain Matoran who went by the name of Visca. Aegis’s workings perked his curiosity, prompting her to take him on as a sort of “research assistant”, letting him work in and around the small lab that the rest of the Matoran set up for her. Over the many years she served under Teridax, Aegis gradually acquired the skills and supplies necessary to create a small fortune of various chemicals, which now resides within her lab. Her relationship with the Matoran was a steady one, providing insight and guidance to them on a regular basis. She was certainly one of the more outgoing and friendly Makuta out of the 100 individuals, as she was not afraid to forge bonds and mingle with the villagers she was sent to watch over. Aegis’s close relationship lead to a trust between herself and the Matoran, which in turn resulted in her being appointed as the village’s ambassador of sorts.
Although there is no record as to how exactly she died, it is known that Visca was there to witness it; he wishes not to speak about the experience.

ABILITIES: Aegis possesses many abilities, but her most notable ones are her vast knowledge of toxins and venoms, and her ability to conjure up shield-like barriers, which is the explanation of her name. The latter skill is a byproduct of many experiments that she performed on herself with many different poisons, resulting in slightly enhanced psychic abilities. If Aegis concentrates hard enough, she is able to manifest these mental projections in the physical world as protective shields, albeit for a brief period of time.

KANOHI: Aegis wears a Kanohi Iva, an intricately-designed mask that gives the wearer an extremely acute sense of their surroundings, almost like a third eye. This comes in particularly useful when she is working within the lab, since it has warned her more times than she’d like to admit of an impending chemical explosion. However, Visca has noted several occasions where she has donned on a Kanohi Faxon, to combat accidents which left her poisoned or envenomated (courtesy of her own doing, he might add).

QUOTE: “I have just mixed in the Lehrak venom with the protodermis mixture and a strange concoction that one of the other villagers gifted me to use in my experiments. They said that it was Rahi venom from a species that I had not heard of before; I should look into what specific species it was after I put out this fire. Because apparently the venom is highly flammable. I really should stop talking now.”

Edgy back shot (needs a cloak)

With her alternate Faxon

Janghal Staff

Workings of the back

Close up of head (seriously this thing took like a week to figure out and no those green studs are not eyes this bloody kanohi has no eyes)


Any critiques, questions, food? plz don’t ban me for the dab I am an innocent person


Really like the leg design, this is a great creation!

It’s beautiful!

Love the wings. The face is a little hard to make out because it consists of alot of different parts.

0/10 dabs are out of style :stuck_out_tongue:

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You made it just in time :wink:

I like the MOC, although the head still reminds me a little much of Sonic the Hedgehog…
A little too much use of tiers for my taste and I’m also not a big fan of these slim waists, but that are only nitpicks. Those golden shuriken things on the head don’t quite fit into the colours scheme, though.
I really like the look of the upper legs and those claws around the neck. Also that staff looks pretty nice.

About the backstory:

a) theMakuta were assigned to regions after the war with the Barraki, not after the Convocation
b) make that “Central Nothern Continent” just to be more specific

It’s not a problem if you don’t tell me exactly how she died, but be aware that in that case I’ll eventually make something up myself for the “Book of the Brotherhood”.

Mata Nui or someone gave her a name right after her creation, so this “explanation” of her name seems a little strange.

That’s pretty much the same as what the mask Makuta Chisk wears does:

Makau, Mask of Paranoia - makes the user know everything going on within 3 bio
(just as a side information: that power drove Chisk mad over time)

Don’t you think? I like the name “Mask of Situational Awareness” better, though.
What about changing it into “Makau, Mask of Situational Awareness” here?
Aegis is allowed to control the flow of information the mask provides her with better than Chisk, though.

So, point 1 needs to be changed and point 4 is up for discussion/change. After that I’ll accept your entry.

EDIT: Come to think of it I’d also appreciate it if you give her a different name - maybe she was called “Aegis” by others after she developed her special ability, but her original name should not have any meaning to it.

This is amazing! I love the head.

(Also you are banned for dab) /s

dabs are beautiful do not be afraid
also nice moc fam

Then how does she see?

They look like ears.
Do MU people have ears?
Now I’m wondering about that.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out you meant “tires”.


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Mind if I stylize (mainly making it smoother) and use that mask for my drawings? Credit will be given.