Brotherhood of Makuta - Makuta Infern

An architect for the Brotherhood of Makuta. He build grand structures, some of the legendary structures of Mata Nui. Later on, he grew suspicious of Teridax, so he escaped to the ruined Metru Nui. He was shot down and killed by Teridax.


Very jumbled, very gappy and very awkward, but not very awful thankfully


The arms are too short, the legs are too long and I don’t even dare to fathom what thought process was behind the orange spikes, protruding from every limb on a single piece while leaving the axle unused and open. - At least the color-scheme is decent and the torso is less awkward than the rest.

But aside that, not many redeeming qualities.

Hmm… this still needs some work in order to get accepted.


  • the way the blades and claws are attached isn’t exactly good looking - try to integrate them more into the limbs instead of simply slapping them on
  • the connection between the upper legs and the … middle legs? isn’t exactly good for articulation (and it also looks strange) so that could need some work
  • try covering the torso better - it’s rally gappy, those Visorak feet don’t really look that good and especially around the shoulders and above that orange Inika foot the CCBS torso is just way too open. This probably applies even more to the back of the torso which from what I can tell only gets covered on th elower half by a Hodika foot. Have you considered building a full custom torso with smaller parts?
  • more custom arms would be nice although aside from the blades and claws they’re ok - although not special at all
  • the hands seem a little strange, but are ok
  • that Rahkshi head thing is a nice touch, but I would attach it higher
  • the colour scheme works, though


He can’t have built anything on Mata Nui (island) if you’re referring to the “legendary” structures of the Matoran Universe inside the Great Spirit Robot, I actually can’t think of any (aside from the Coliseum in Metru Nui or the Codrex in Karda Nui perhaps, but those were built by the before the Makuta even existed). My idea for a Makuta architect was that he most importantly designed the Makuta’s fortress on Destral and after that focused on… building labs for the various Makuta all over the Matoran Universe as well as more fortresses and such

Him getting suspicious of Teridax… Well, maybe he got suspicious of Teridax before the Convocation - in that case he can’t have died in the ruined Metru Nui (you’re probably referring to the post Great Cataclysm Metru Nui). On the other hand if he died in the ruined Metru Nui he can’t have been suspicious of Teridax because he knew and “approved” of the Plan at the Convocation.
Also what would he even be doing in Metru Nui? Definitely not escaping from Teridax anyways because a) Metru Nui is Teridax’s assigned region and b) Teridax was last seen there (ok, in between Teridax was on Karzahni, but after that he probably returned to Metru Nui).

So, yeah… this doesn’t really work at all.

Also, what’s Infern’s mask power?

Oh yeah, speaking of which. - Could my next Makuta be the lead designer for Destral. - I thought it interesting that he would be executed by Teridax after he finished the construction because obviously, he would knew of all the secret rooms, tunnels and places that only selected few had access to.

That depends on how this Makuta develops.

But at that time Miserix was still leader. Also Teridax didn’t plan to betray all the other Makuta before the Great Cataclysm. And what advantage would he draw from being the only one knowing everything about Destral’s construction? It’s also kinda strange that the other Makuta don’t know more or less everything about the place that is basically their home - especially the Makuta who are assigned as Destral’s head of security (the last one of them dies with the destruction of Destral through the Order of Mata Nui)
And I guess that since the Destral fortress was built at the very beginning of the Brotherhood the architect Makuta might have designed it, but all Makuta helped building in some way (as overseers, designing their labs themselves, etc.)

First, thank you for your criticism, much appreciated. Secondly, Sorry for the story. Not really good with story and such, Not really well versed in the extended universe, I will rebuild the MOC and I’ll hand over story to you. Your idea was better. I’ll send the link when I am done

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Nah, I know I’m quite demanding in that regard. :wink:
If you need any help let me know. BS01 might also be a good source if you’re lacking specific story information.

How small can we make them? I’m better with smaller MOCs than larger ones His mask power is Teleportation. I would prefer him to be the builder of some aspects of the fortress