Brotherhood of Makuta: Nevantar


Name: Nevantar

Assigned region: Island southeast of Artidax.

Kanohi: Trasan, the mask of transfiguration

Status: Dead

Nevantar was one of the makuta, like Krika, who still believed in mercy, truth, and loyalty. So much so that even though he saw that it was hopeless, he still sided with Miserix. To him...

Wait a second, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before the Makuta coupe, Nevantar was a good general. He wasn't Miserix's right hand man by any means, but he did spearhead the battle against the league of six kingdoms.

He was also notorious for getting the short end of the stick. When Miserix was assigning everyone to an island, Nevantar was lucky enough to get the island southwest of Artidax. Artidax was the furthest south anyone had truly explored. Just to spite everyone, he kept all the other Makuta away from his island, only agreeing to meet them on another island

Living beyond the limits of the known Matoran Universe, Nevantar was one of the few who noticed things heating up. Whenever he traveled to Destral, he was surprised at the disrespect the other Makuta showed.

Nevanter was on a week long trip to Destral when he noticed something strange. Teridax was being respectful to Miserix. He also noticed Mutran was staying close to Teridax, something very peculiar. Teridax was going to do somthing, but what?

When Teridax called a meeting without informing Miserix, Nevanter knew it was about to happen. Miserix stormed in, and the call for allegiance was made. As Miserix's numbers dwindled, Nevanter stayed true, shouting, "Traitors! Where is your loyalty? Do you not care for your duty?"

Nevanter leaft after that, leaving soon enough that he was able to leave Destral. He began to move to his island, and he made it to the southern coast of the southern continent before Gorast and Icarax caught up with him. He was killed there, and thrown into the ocean of liquid protodermis.

Now for the rest of the pics.

Side view:

Back view:

His equipment consists of:

The mask of Transfiguration, which allows him to transform other objects into different forms. No matter can be created or destroyed, so it will take more sand to make metal, for example. Also, since he did not take part in the coupe, this mask is considered okay for toa to wear.

His halbred, which he is strong enough to wield one-handed.

And his shield. Nothing really extravagant about it.

Wait, what's back here?

Yes, his shield does have a shadow blaster that can swing out.

Yes, I know he is made mostly of gen2 pieces. I don't have nearly enough gen1 pieces to make a titan-sized MOC.

What do you think about him? Comments and criticism are always welcome.


The Skull is meh, but everything else is pretty sweet looking! Good job!

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MOC itself looks cool, though I'm not to big on the weapons.

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was there an earthquake :joy:


It's good, but I think the head looks a bit small.

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I mostly agree with the people before me:

  • nice build
  • skull mask is ... ok
  • pics could be a bit more focused
  • I like the weapons
  • interesting mask power

However, his story doesn't quiet fit into the guidelines:

I admit that one can misunderstand what I wrote about what characteristics a surviving Makuta has to fulfill. With "no longer Makuta (lost most of their powers, don't see themselves as Makuta any longer, can't create Kraata, don't consist of antidermis any longer)"
I meant
"lost most of their powers and don't see themselves as Makuta any longer and can't create Kraata and don't consist of antidermis any longer.

After all it is mostly their powers, the Antidermis they are made of and the Kraata they can create, that make them the Makuta species.

If I would declare myself not being human anymore, it wouldnt change anything. Everyone else would still say, I'm human, and I would be.

I'm also wondering how his body got to the Red Star, as Makuta are not revived there - be their Antidermis solid or gaseous.

Oh, and if he was assigned an island, say so above, the island doesn't need to have a name, just write down:
"Assigned region: island southwest of Artidax"

So perhaps think Nevantar's story through again and change a bit or give explanations. But I really appreciate that you wrote more than three or four lines.

Anyways, thanks for participating, I'll link you on the list as soon as that "surviving Makuta" thing is adjusted.


Alright, the build is pretty good. I feel that it gives this makuta a true tank look. And the color scheme is alright. Although I think it could be more balanced. The trans-orange is a little sparse.

Now in regards to the Skull mask, It looks...umm...lonely (I guess that's the right word) in the front view picture. I think you should add on some horns (they don't have to be like Kulta's horns, they can be in any position).

I feel that when you get the chance, get some more G1 parts and rebuild this. But don't scrap this guy, just move the concept over to the V2 MOC. Also you should use this MOC as a refrence if you decide to do what I suggested.

The reason why I say this is because he really doesn't look like a G1 character to me. He looks more like a Skull villain. Nevantar the Skull Lord if you catch my drift.

The MOC's story: Ummm...I don't want to sound rude, but 6/10. I feel his story is a bit obvious, but I really like how you are delving into early story events.

Also you should retake these pictures. They are blurry and it is hard to focus on the MOC.

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My apologies, I didn't understand this.

I thought that the whole Makuta can't be teleported to the red star thing started when the Antidermis turned Gaseous. Makuta's coupe happened before their Antidermis changed, so I thought it would make sense that he ended up in the red star.

I will admit, I'm not the most well versed person in the bionicle story, so I will start searching The Bionicle Wiki and BZ Power.

:flushed: Sure, let's go with I meant to leave that blank.

Oh, look. People agree with me on the skull mask.

To be honest, I wanted this MOC to be a burnt orange and black one, and I only have G2 masks, so it was this or the Pohatu mask.

When I get some more G1 pieces, I think I will change the mask.

I'll get on that.

Edit: I found where I went wrong, and reworked the end of the story. I'll rewrite the beginning when I have time.

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The moc is good but the story is amazing

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Thanks, I just reworked the end, after finding out that it didn't fit in with cannon.

I also really like the reworked story. Very good job! Due to that Nevantar definately is one of the better characters of the project so far.

I'll link this topic on the list.

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Mask of Transfiguration? I got you.

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Everything is so cool! I think that any other mask would just not do. I especially love his shield. Good job!

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-arms are a bit underdone
-shield is fine
-axe thing is cool
-proportions are wierd
-mask/head design is okay but small
-build looks good
-armoring is okay, not a fan with what was done with the arms though
-color sceme is okay, think that it would look better with blue eyes not red
-the overall flow of the MOC is pore
-torso is good but too short

Over all I rate this as a 4.5/10, it's okay, the preportions are off and armoring is meh, weapons are cool though, so theres that.

I got to admit this looks great.
Pictures look blurry though.

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Thank you.

I just haven't gotten to retaking them yet.

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Sorry about that, I don't have the best camera.

It's fine, the MOC it's self is good.

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