Brotherhood of Makuta: Thorkahn-The Scheming Failure

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Right, anyway, a greedy gal looking for her way


@Gilahu a fixed version of the canon-based backstory:

Officially, she was one of the many makuta borne of the antidermis pits. Like all other makuta she started out simple and benevolent, assisting in the creation of certain rahi and managing the population. Thorkahn was a mere grunt of the brotherhood, serving in simple tasks. Like some makuta, she got rather greedy and felt like she was at the bottom.

At the start of the uprising of Teridax, she sided with him and slaughtered some of her Assigned Hagah team. Though still under the organization as a grunt, she tried her hand at scheming. Suffice to say the title doesn't mislead- Plot after plot, she failed, got in the way of someone, or messed up. Either way she needed alot of armor treatment due to how many cracks or dents she obtained

During the events of the events at Destral, during the war with OoMN, she got her current axe and shield and headed with few other makuta to fight on certain fronts. Ofcourse finally in the Karda Nui battle she somewhat struggled with the light matoran, having not been equiped with the shadow leech pods, having wandered in on her own terms away from the makuta near the swamps and avoiding mutation. Eventually left at a bank near some of the more clear water, paralyzed by a klakk, she was vaporized as the rest of the makuta during the storms...

Unofficially, she may have survived, as she has stumbled upon a toa canister, which had seemingly drifted away before the storms...

note: Will fix this later

critique and comment!

And yes, I know she's a meh build with a meh story.


I don't like the way the armor sticks out from the back. Can't say I care much for the skull spider armor. I more or less like everything else. Haven't seen that axe in a long time.

The CCBS piece on the forearms feels out of place. But I enjoy this MOC overall.

The silver addons on the forearms and the simplicity of the lower legs aren't that much to my liking, but overall this is a simple but nice looking MOC.

The axe is simple but a piece you don't see that often and I appreciate that. The handle looks a little thin, though - which of course usally is the problem with something like this. (I personally found two solutions to this: add tubes (like I did on my Mutran revamp) or use those axle addons (don't know how they're properly called) (those you used on the back of the Metru feet) like I did on my MOC of Harvali)
I like that she has a shield (though logically with an axe that size it's kinda impractical :stuck_out_tongue: )

The gold armor on the upper half of the MOC really looks like that - an armor. And I like that.

As to the story: I would appreciate it to be extended, but it is enough. You should change it, so that she doesn't interfere in the Karda Nui events or anything regarding the Toa Mata/Nuva, though, in my opinion. It's just so difficult to see something as "canon" that has to do with characters we followed nearly all the time.

Change that last thing and this MOC gets accepted.

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You need some tires for those upper arms. Those stick thin biceps aren't doing her any favors(aesthetically, of course).

Also not sure about the blue thing on the back- it kinda messes with the armor layering; makes me unsure whether gold or blue is on top, and why she has a blue variation of the gold armor sitting right next to it.

Aside from that, really nice job. Not sure why you were claiming this moc to be crappy. Seems pretty good to me.

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Some tires in the blank spots might help, and I'm not particularly fond of her add ons on her lower arms. That aside, quite decent.

I really like the build on this MOC!

Alright so about the critiques.

She was actually more of a rushed build that I had trouble with. I wanted dark gold and navy blue to both be expressed, but due to part shortages I needed to fix somethings, adding more black then intended and the silver. Limbs were much of a hassle, though when I get more parts i'll fix em better

@Gilahu I fixed the story segments

The arms look a bit weird going from thick to thin and then back to thick again

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The story is ok now. It gets kind of "difficult" with the Karda Nui stuff, but I can accept it.
Just one things still catches my attention:

She killed some other Makuta? Umm.. This gets difficult to fit into the Brotherhood Project because there won't necessarily be other Makuta killed by her. Perhaps change it to something like "she slaughtered the team of Toa Hagah assigned to her" or somethinng?

I'm not sure which events you mean exactly. After Teridax declared the Plan? After the Great Cataclysm collapsed part of the Brotherhood's fortress? I can accept is as it stands there, but I 'm curious as to which event exactly.

Also - what is her mask power? Kualsi or something individual?

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Kualsi, yes. Anyway I can edit it a tiny bit like you asked.

The department of redundancy department strikes again.

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Ok, that works. Thanks for participating!

Color scheme is great! Nice job!