Brotherhood of Makuta vs other Brotherhoods

I mean, they’d have to realize it’s light-bending to begin with, but that’s a fair point.

Yep. The Purifier Mech has a device that increases the combat efficiency of those nearby, typically by making them braver, smarter, and more fanatical, so I assume the other tech could be deployed similarly.

Actually, for once the in-lore system is actually about as fast as in-game. All the buildings are designed to train infantry and to build vehicles are able to be deployed on the battle-field in a blink of an eye, and later structures with the tech necessary to build the more advanced equipment can be built as though at a bit slower pace.

Yes, actually. Usually in squads of four. Though the liquid T bombs are usually left back at the air-base in favor of typical munitions, but in this case they’d probably switch out.

Not gas, liquid Tiberium. One good knock is enough to cause the stuff to detonate. It’s not like a fuel-air bomb, it’s volatile enough on its own.

What about the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals?


Yes, but does it have the same level of power and persuasion? The only individual who broke out from under the affects of emotional manipulation via Rahkshi powers was Kopaka Nuva under the staff of a Level 6 Rahkshi of Fear, and he’s been trained by the OoMN to resist mental tampering, so he’s not exactly a human being. I’m finding it hard to believe these two power systems are of equal capability.

Alright, fair point. They assuredly have the speed advantage here, but the power unbalance seems far too great for that to be much of an issue.

Thank you for confirming that they don’t have a detonator. These would be insanely easy to stop by individuals who can throw most of the machinery into orbit.

Finally, a real contender


Fair. It may mitigate the effects of them however.

Also depends on just how many individuals they can effect at one time? It also wouldn’t effect everything, namely the Redeemer supermech, The Avatar/Purifier mechs, and the Mantis AA system are all AI controlled.

Yeah the liquid T bombs are basically just bomb-shaped tubes of liquid T.

It pretty much comes down to, can Nod’s current standing forces hold off the Makuta & co. long enough to get a good set-up? Nod’s tactics have always been based on striking hard, fast, and initially unseen. Throw the enemy into disarray long enough to dig in and set up.

That’s never been specified, although it’s definitely more than just one. And given how broad of a range powers like weather control have, I don’t think it’d be very hard for them to focus on critical chunks of the approaching forces.

For the Makuta, there is no matter of approach of they can keep Nod from going anywhere. Ganging together, they could envelop Nod’s entire side of the battlefield enveloped in darkness and disarray until the Makuta feel comfortable attacking. You can deploy units, but if the units can’t see, it’s going to be difficult to advance.

The way I see it going is this: All the quickly establish bases are enveloped in darkness as soon as they arrive by half of the existing Makuta (total 94). Any machinery or foot soldiers which manage to find their way out are pinned to the ground or thrown into orbit. Carpet bombers have similar difficulty, as none of their bombs ever land home (or worse, are sent directly into Nod’s territory to destroy their fortifications). If they can operate at all in the darkness and assemble a large enough militia, they would still be at a gross disadvantage, as wandering out of the darkness would put them directly in the line of fire of the Makuta’s armies, all of which have much less risk of armor-eating bullets than the Makuta themselves do. And if the Makuta grow sick of the entire fight, their combined strength would be enough to uproot the fortifications and send them into the atmosphere.

Out of the mentioned Brotherhoods in this topic Nod comes the closest to defeating them, but they just can’t operate on the same scale that the Makuta can. they’re a cool military system, but they’re meant to operate within the confines of their own universe.

yeah… That’s the main issue with this conversation to begin with, the Makuta are so overpowered, even in their own universe, it’s hard to find something that can compare.

If Nod could could call in allies and/or other factions though it’s game over.

Nod can call in GDI and just use the orbital Ion-cannons to flatten the Makuta, and since the satellites are in space, not sure how the makuta can meaningfully effect them.

I mean, i guess they could have teri use the GSR, but that’s about all I can think of.

the issue there is that once Teridax has control over the GSR, all but two to four of the Makuta are dead.


If Nod can call in other factions, the Makuta can utilize Tren Krom, whose mental capabilities dwarf pretty much anyone else’s. Like with the Mana Ko, Tren Krom’s maximum capabilities are pretty vague, but he has casually overridden a powerful illusion created by the GSR before, and it’s implied he’s about as powerful as the internal systems of the GSR can be. As well, if the Makuta are in their prime, Mata Nui is piloting the GSR, and… No orbital cannon in fiction will put a dent in it.

This is, of course, ignoring the existence of the OoMN, the Hand of Artakha, the Great Beings, and pretty much every other major player in the MU. Nod’s allies may be impressive, but they really can’t hold a candle to the MU.

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Well, enemies, but yeah. I just assumed that GDi isn’t dumb enough to let something like the MU united just stomp around unchecked, and they have allied with Nod before, though typically in the face of something like the rouge AI CABAL, or the Scrin.

Though, I would like to add that, this isn’t just one satellite, this is like, 30, and they all are able to change positions to shoot orbital targets.

timestamp 0:41

One ion cannon was able to destroy this massive, alien structure, which was impenetrable to both Liquid-T bombs and and nuclear weapons.

The GSR is capable of effortlessly lifting mountains and also shooting them into the horizon. I would wager the lasers might give it trouble, but in the hands of a skilled pilot like Mata Nui, they would pose no real threat.

As for the alien structure, its height doesn’t appear to even break past the clouds, whereas the GSR stood far, far above the clouds in every official image it’s appeared in. That size and scale, along with the GSR being insanely durable (requiring a large chunk of a planet in order to crack a hole in the head) reinforces my prediction.


The Makuta win every time, especially if they’re utilizing the powers they’re all supposed to have.


Bionicle always wins. Period

Bionicle > everything else

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