Brotherhood of Makuta: Zhun

Name: Zhun (pronounced Zhun)
Mask: Telekinesis (but he doesn't know how to use it)
Assigned region: none
Status: dead
Weapons: knives.

Early on, Zhun went missing. No one could figure out what happened to him until he started killing powerful beings who had gone corrupt. He was a hidden assassin, and no one ever saw him save for his victims. When Makuta Teridax took over the Brotherhood, he assigned Gorast and Icarax the task of finding Zhun. They were unsuccessful. Teridax dispatched other agents in an effort to find Zhun, and even hired the Dark Hunters Tracker and Eliminator, before the Makuta Dark Hunter War ended any BoM-DH cooperation.
When Artahka ordered that anyone who knew the location of his island be killed, the OoMN agreed to carry out the task, but many of their targets died before the OoMN got to them, killed by Zhun. How he even knew of the Order's mission is a mystery.
When Makuta took control of the MU, he finally tracked down Zhun, placing him under an illusion of fighting the last surviving Makuta and using Zhun's essence to make Rahkshi. Finally, when Makuta was fighting Mata Nui, Zhun broke free of this illusion, and Teridax killed him.

Zhun had a hood that obscured his face, and he only showed his face to those he was about to kill. He wore a Mask of Telekinesis, but he did not know how to use it nor did he care to.

Hood up

Back view. Yes, those gears help hold his shoulders in place.

And here's a Tahu:


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Edit: redid head, torso, added weapons.


The torso on this moc is a bit gappy and the head is a little large oth r the. That thought is moc is great.

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I'd like to buy a vowel.


Umm... first, I agree with @Payinku, that name needs a vowel. Perhaps name him Zhun for real.

As for the MOC itself, arms and legs are well build, as is the torso, though that really lacks armor, but that head ... umm... hood ... thingie ....?
Please don't take it too personal, but it looks terrible. It's too big, has a too massive look to be a hood and overall ... no, just no, not without a cape. And even a cape probably doesn't make it better.

As to the story ... Zhnn seems a bit overpowered, I guess, also I would say that the "Kraata creators" were part of the brotherhood 'till the end. He seems more like a Spiriah kind of guy who left the brotherhood/was expelled. But I can live with your version.

What about this: Remake the head and maybe add some torso armor and I'll put you on the list as finished. After all, it's not forbidden to update your Makuta MOC.

Done, done, and done.

As for the story, I liked the idea that Zhun was a thorn in the Brotherhood's side, especially for Teridax.

And aren't all Makuta OP? At least Zhun doesn't use a Kanohi

I still think the head looks weird and you should try giving him some kind of cape with hood instead of doing it with parts, but I'll update you on the list.

He could really benefit from a cape.