Bruce Meltdown, my self moc

Rrriiight. So this is going to be hard. To know more about my moc, go on and search Bruce Meltdown.

The cool picture.

And a custom cape! ( I have no actual capesD:)


I can’t really see much, so some clearer, more focused pics would be nice.
From what I can see though, it seems to be a bit too similar to Breakout Evo since it has the same mask and chest-piece and uses similar shoulder add-ons. The cape seems a bit sloppy and although you don’t own any, it might be worth the money to go onto BrickLink and buy one of the numerous SW capes out there on the market.


Sorry about the pictures, and my parents would only allow me to buy lego sets, wich is good and bad.

Try making a custom cape, just take a piece of cloth and start cutting.