Bruchalka Master of Everything Irony and Hidey

Bruchalka Master of Everything Irony and Hidey AKA: my awesome self Moc of awesome

Weapons: Murder Death Justice Axes
Color Scheme: Dark Azure, Mata Red, Lantern Green, Light Trans Blue, Gold and Silver.
Mask: Mask of Awesome Sauce.
Mask Abilities:Time Distortion, Random Explosions and Time Travel .

I know that is op but that will eventually change.

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Uh... What?


Joke MOC eh?


8/8, dude. 8/8


I think he is somewhat serious.. :confused:


He is my brother. He said, and I quote, "This is real. And serious"


c-can't make sense nor give advice for this... toa

Wait this is your Brother @TFM101 ?

Ummm... he has nice back coverage, Ehh?

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This uh
this critique will be pretty harsh.

I mean
Real harsh

First off
The weapons
they are alright, they are simple, but get the job done I guess
on the otherhand, the colours already seem off
Just from the weapons
I see light grey, gunmetal, silver, gold and yellow!

Next up, the build
its a standard toa build, what can I s-
sees the arms
oooooooooh noooooooo
Okay so
proportions on this moc are extreeeeemely off, shorten those arms,
I mean
they look horrible, can the gear function even work!?

Now at this point, I will be going real harsh, because now its time to get into the colourscheme and mask (and mask abilities)

Colourscheme is horrible
really horrible, I mean, its an eyesore, try to stick with one/two main colour/s (usually these are the colours the toa mostly use) , one accent colour (usually gold or silver, or gunmetal), and one/zero trans colours
gold and silver usually do not mix

next, is the mask
mask of awesome sauce
it isn't an element, or ability, I suggest making it an element if its a g2 moc, or a legit ability if its a g1 moc

as for the abilities

Please oh please change it to something less op, specially since this is a SELF moc
I suggest like I stated before, a main element, or something like that

also, I understand you are most likely real little, or something
trust me
2 years ago I would have made something along these lines and called it awesome.
actually, 8 months ago I would have made something like this and called it awesome.

Final score: 3.5/10
take what I said, and start by making a toa sized moc, with a unique colourscheme that does not look bad, and good proportions, then I feel like it will deserve a 5/10 or a 6/10

I really hope you will not get offended.


LOL. It's silly looking with that mix of colors.

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Yes. Why do you think we are both Pink and Fluffy?


Needs shorter arms/longer legs. It could also use a unified color scheme.

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