Brunamal's MoC Dump Topic

A lot of my MoCs are small and kinda generic, but I still want to put them somewhere. First up: the Okoto Warrior.

MoC origin: I made this guy to be an animate version of Skull Warrior. That's about it.
Story origin: Okoto Warrior is a generic soldier created in batches by Ekimu and Makuta. Once again, that's about it.
Up next: the Okoto Elite Soldier.

MoC origin: I made this guy just to make him. No regrets.
Story origin: Still working on that. Maybe later. stuck_out_tongue
And now: Ceadu, Master of Psionics

MoC origin: Ceadu is a character from my WIP fanfic. I like having MoCs based on my characters. Yup.
Story origin: Ceadu is a powerful Toa from Okoto who protects the City of the Mask Makers. She is teacher of other Toa, but is scatterbrained, and has trouble focusing.
Anyways, that's all for now. More will be coming soon. smile


They're cool, I guess.

For the first two, the Hau doesn't really work well. It breaks the color scheme. Otherwise, they're pretty good. 6/10

For the third, I like her(?). She's just a bit basic. 8/10.


I gave them Masks of Fire because you see them everywhere. I would have given them silver ones if they came in that colour. And yes, Ceadu is a girl. stuck_out_tongue

I like it, the fact that the red is color blocked to the top of the chest and mask looks pretty nice.

really should use a different mask, not bad otherwise

add some armor to the knees, that looks awful, otherwise, not bad.


I think these are pretty cool, though the red hau on the second one doesn't look too great


I quite like Ceadu's method of adding gear friction. Works very nicely and doesn't mess with the look of the MOC.


And I thought my name was hard to say... :unamused:

Looks really good, I like the colours, also, Protector mask, so bonus. The gold and azure works well, I really like it. He lo-

What, because she's Blue? Sexist...



Other way around. She's blue because she's female. I wanted another female character, and I also wanted to use up some of my blue and gold pieces. Basically: I made most of the MoC before I made the character, and I'm still kinda stuck in G1 a lil bit. Might make another female character that isn't confined to bonkle gender standards. Also, it's pronounced "See-AH-doo".


Okoto Warrior is 6.1/10 I put this rating because to me the red Hau does not go along the color scheme and the build. To be honest it breaks the color scheme. On build you covered pretty much everything! I like these overall:)

To all those who don’t like Okoto Elite’s mask-

Also, a MoC I made a while ago, before Lewa 2016 existed, Bovil, Master of Air!

He used to have a Brain Attack torso, but now… Yah. Not saying I’m a prophet, just that I have an uncanny ability to predict the future of Lego.
Anyways, semi-custom gearbox designed to holster his Airblades. Nice colour scheme, I think. Sort of an evil Lesovikk-esque character.