Brutaka absorbing Teridax's Antidermis in Inferno?

I have a question regarding BIONICLE Legends 5: Inferno when Axonn and Brutaka were dueling in the Piraka Stronghold. Brutaka and his species absorb Antidermis which it makes them stronger, but like we saw in Reign of Shadows, the Antidermis that created all Makuta took hold of him but he seemed to still be himself…

I wonder what would have happened had Brutaka consumed the entirety of the Antidermis vat in Inferno. Would Teridax had taken control of Brutaka? Would Teridax’s essence been destroyed when Brutaka absorbed him? Or would they have fought for dominance similar to when Makuta absorbs a target with their Shadow Hand?

Thank you.


I believe teridax’s essence was currently in the brain of the gsr.

So no teridax wouldn’t have taken control of Brutaka.

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@N01InParticular No, he was not. Teridax was in a vat in the Piraka stronghold, and used as ammunition for the Piraka’s Zamor spheres. After the vat was shattered he inhabited Maxilos. He only went to the core processor at the tail end of 07, and took his place in it in the moments before Matoro revived Mata Nui.


Wait when does inferno take place again?

It’s the last book of 2006.

Oh Wait I just realized this is a hypothetical question. That’s what I get for speed reading:p

Anywho let me rephrase my answer.

Well if Brutaka is able to absorb antidermis (which I didn’t know his species could do that. Learn something everyday about bionicle.) sure there might be a battle of wills but since I believe teridax’s Will is stronger he’d probably win.

I’d compare it to Makuta absorbing (see Matoro vs Teridax in the Kingdom). - Thought this is up to Greg to answer.

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Yeah, I have the same feeling as well. Though, I like to believe Brutaka as a strong will like Teridax does.

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Would the rule of possession apply here? I thought Makuta can’t take over a body that still has a spirit in them.

Based on Makuta-absorption, no. They wouldn’t gain possession, they’d just ensure their absorber also dies.

Brutaka fell into the original pool of Antidermis in Destiny War and the spirits/wills of some Makuta couldn’t take over him, but their knowlegde through the antidermis was mind-linked to his own, and gained some makuta powers, as well as the knowledge how to create rahi. It was pretty much shown in the Destiny War/Dwellers in Darkness/Reign of Shadows. I don’t think Teridax’s antidermis/mind would have made any difference.

Did the Antidermis contain minds of actual Makuta, though?

Brutaka referred to himself as “we” and was surrounded by a greenish aura. I’m not a 100% sure, but I read somewhere that he was linked with a Makuta from the antidermis, either in a Farshtey Feed or in the OGD, I’ll make a check at home tho.

So basically Brutaka is now one with the Makuta?