Brutaka Ldraw Model

Another Bionicle Titan I build in Blender using parts from ldraw and brickshelf, Brutaka. Like Icarax, I had to look up Brutaka’s instruction manual to build him. Brutaka’s armature was a little bit trickier to do than Icarax because of the tubes on Brutaka’s shoulders. Had to look up online on how to rig tubes in Blender. As soon as I tried animating Brutaka, Blender lagged on forever. Too many vertices I guess…

Armature Rig

Front View

Left Side View

Right Side View

Back View



My main problem is that Brutaka’s arms and legs look a bit too skinny compared to the torso


Update: Welp, looks like I figured out why Brutaka’s armature kept lagging Blender: The autoweighting of the bones. Looks like I’ll have to unparent everything and regroup the pieces to the bones again…:expressionless:

This is very good!
But Why did you use different upper leg and arms armour, was the original part not available?

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Thank you. The piraka armor and leg wasn’t in ldraw nor brickshelf, so I use what you see in the images.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

nice, good job!

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You could make the armor and leg. It would look amazing either way.