Buddy the Dragon

This is Buddy the dragon. He lives in the mountains and doesn’t have any friends :frowning: His old dragon master has long since passed away… Now he is just a lonely little dragon.

He can fly, bash things with his club tail, and shoot fire out of his eyes! And he is very protected by his dragon armor.

ANGRY!!! D:<

Maybe he will get a dragon master one day…


if you have the black and white version of the head you used then it would look a little better with the silver the tanbrown makes it look a bit off


I’m gonna assume you’ve got a lack of parts… hmmm

I wish the Carapar colors had more distribution to make it equal or had the alternate white head… IDK how to feel about the wings going the other way around(unless it does do the regular chicken wing configuration). Also I know you tried matching it, but maybe there’s too many silvers and gunmetals to try matching here

still a cool MOC


He is wearing armor everywhere except his head thats why he is silver
@JMP @TheLeg0Br0ny @legomaster1378


Awsome looking figure, well done. Dragon MOCs are always nice usually.

That’s no buddy.

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So he has an unarmored form?

Kinda reminds me of a Pokemon. I like the layered armor on this guy. Makes it look like it’ll be hard to slay.

Also I love the irony of his name.

I want buddy to be my friend.

theres fire in his eyes

I know how you feel bro…

The moc looks pretty good, I think the colour of the head sticks out a bit and it looks kinda cluttered.
I really like the wings though!

Nice flame eyes.

Looks good, I like the irony too

Interesting, I like the plated look and the bulky silhouette.

I have been summoned? Might I inquire as to why?


@legomaster1378 whoa sorry. I thing I was typing legend or something and clicked on you by accident idk how that happened XD

This looks amazing! I love how you used the carapar head!

Ooooh, does that mean I’m synonymous with legend?

In all seriousness, that’s odd. Are you on mobile?

As for the MOC itself, nice! I love the piece combo you used for the head/jaw. More pictures of the dragon with its wings extended (preferably against a uniform white/blue background) would be much appreciated.

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