Bulk MK3 (Moc)

Hi guys it’s me Jason here. I wanted to share this video with you guys, but don’t flag me yet. before you watch the video I want to share the back story of this moc with you all. Hope you enjoy.
BACKSTORY: Bulk was a very powerful robot. He was well known across the Matoran universe. He had a lot of new equipment Too. Such as improved forearm Armor, Improved chest armor and improved leg armor. and yes we still have the orange fists. Bulks’s 2.0 model had the ability to transform but he is not able to do that in his 3.0 model unfortunatly.
The reason for this is because the 2.0 model was very weak in the back. This was one of the major reasons Bulk got a 3.0 model.
Alright I hope you enjoyed the backstory now onto the video (which basically is the whole review lol)

Well I hope you guys didn’t cringe at all but you can tell me if you did. it won’t hurt my feelings. anyways I hope you enjoyed the Moc thanks for reading and watching!