Bumping Topics

(If this is already a feature just reply how to do it and ignore the topic) I just wanted to give a suggestion on Bumping a topic. You know Putting the topic back on the top of the list… The Roblox forums have this (Like i said i’m not sure if this a already existing feature) And i realized that this place doesn’t and it makes me kind of mad when i can’t even find my topic anymore without having to dig through my profile… (When it isn’t hidden) Like it literally just sinks to the bottom of the forums so nobody can find it without already knowing about it from somewhere else and searching it up here. (Again if this already exists just tell me how and Close the topic because i do not know of a Bump feature on this site)

Bumping topics seems kinda useless imo


There’s already a feature sorta like that called pinning, but as far as I’m aware, only mods can do that, and it effects everyone. How about you just bookmark the topics you know you’ll want to revisit?

I’m Looking for like EVERYONE can see the topic back to the top.

The reason a topic goes to the bottom is because it is no longer active
So the only way for it to go to the top is for it to be active
sometimes topics just fade into obscurity


Well like I said, that’s pretty much what pinning does, but only moderators can do it. Besides, if everyone could do that and it effected everyone, a lot of people would get angry because the topic they want at the top keeps dropping, the topic order would probably change way to much, and new topics would be drowned out, and no one would ever see them. Its just not a good idea.


This is true
Many users would probably spam the bump option and like @MaximusPrime said, new topics will be drowned out


That seems rather inconsiderate to other boards members, however, as anyone can just drown out anything someone else made by simply clicking a button.

To me, this just sounds like a way to shove a topic in someone’s face while “bumping” out topics that are actually active. I don’t think this is a great idea.


This isnt a hard thing to do, just dont make a ton of topics and look in the “TOPICS” tab on your account, a “bump” feature wouldnt help. This.


Several users have hit the nail on the head here. We don’t allow users to bump topics because it is extremely easy to abuse a feature like that. The Boards automatically curate content in order to show users the most recent and most active topics. This helps promote flowing, continuous discussion.

Unfortunately, it does mean that some topics aren’t created at the right moment and invariably fade into obscurity. However, as soon as a user rediscovers an old topic that they’re passionate about (using our handy search feature), the topic get “bumped” to the top of people’s Latest feeds as soon as they post something new.

TL;DR: Topic bumping is not allowed on the Boards because it is superfluous and easily abused.


Just post in the topic to get it back up.