Buskyte MOC

Name: Buskyte
Gender: male
Powers: vision
Race: Toa
Mask: Kemorg (mask of vision)
Weapons: Compound bow, trick arrows, hidden blades, wrist flames
Buskyte was once part of the Toa team of Cryobe who later joined the assassins. Now he is an ex Toa who spends his time fighting criminals and killing anyone who gets in his way including three members of Kemzal's team.


We need more Assassins' Creed style MOCs


Looks like a mix between Assassin's Creed and Green Arrow. Definitely a good combination. I like the custom limbs and torso, although like a lot of MOCs the torso seems a little thin. The compound bow is a really nice design, and the different arrows are a nice touch. Seriously though, black and red is sooooo overused smile.

Sooo... the Kanohi Kemorg is the mask of vision. I'm curious, because one character/MOC I plan on making wears a mask of vision, which I called Kanohi Sutu, and it allows the user to see beyond the normal visible light spectrum (infrared, ultraviolet, etc...). What kind of vision powers does the Kemorg have?


Duuuude. That bow/arrows are so cool!

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Pretty legit bow and arrow design going there. Might just have to take some cues from that sometime.

isn't the Akaku also called the mask of Vision? I seem to recall that in 2001 at least, the Akaku had a lot more powers than just x-ray vision

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From the BS01 Wiki:

The Kanohi Akaku is the Mask of X-Ray Vision, and is sometimes called the Mask of Vision.

I guess you're right. I must think up a new name for the Sutu then...


Love it! This gets the Sennotter's Star of Approval!

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My mask of vision highlights the targets weak spots.

He looks sick! Awesome MOC Kemzal!

Pretty nice bow you got there. The rest of the MOC is a bit dull, but good looking. The bow is really nice though.

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This is pretty kickass.

You've gotten good, Kemzal.

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