Buster, Being of Ice

Here is undeniable proof that when you’re tired, you’re tired. Anyways, I did my best @GIF.Man.Ben to recreate him in my style, but I’m very limited on G1 Bionicle white pieces.


That is a very great MOC, but I don’t see it being an “ice character” with the large amount of black in it. Still, very, very great!

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It’s like Krika and Antroz had a baby and that baby turned into the Incredible Hulk.


He’s really angryyyy

I actually really like those comical fists.

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Looks like Krika on special vitamins…

No, it looks awesome. ^^

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Oh man this is the perfect Buster. Screw the one I made.

Though it would look better with a bit more red…

It an angry Buster.


Much cooler. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nice, I like the gorilla esq arms


Nice job! I love the look of the fists.

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The only problem I have is that black doesn’t work for a Toa of ice

Good thing I didn’t label him as one. @BioKnight

Read this as Butter being on ice.

Still, this is pretty cool.

Looks really good. contrary to other commenters, I could totally see this as an ice being of sorts

Solid torso
Thok spine

Arms (shoulders stick out too far)
lower legs/feet

over all, this looks really solid, if you could fix up the limbs a little bit, it would be even better.

His a dragon like creature, In a less threatening form I guess.

His also angry.

This MOC has arms that look too big for the rest of it

I like it.

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Dunno what it is, but I LOVE this moc. Keep up the good work!