Buy the new Millennium Paladin today! (moc)

Buy the new Millennium Paladin today!

Millennium enterprises is the worlds leader in military and civilian oriented technology available for public and government purchase. We now unveil the latest in our line of security robots. Introducing the Millennium paladin V4!

The Millennium Paladin V4 is the latest of its kind featuring state of the art magnet electron shell joints, sturdy carbon lined inner frame, and topped off with firm Millennium brand trademark plastic resistant to impact, scratches, and shattering. Various other improvements include more memory programming space, enhance dexterity and reflexes, and a friendlier, less threatening look and feel for the whole family. The Millennium Paladin’s overhauled endoskeleton and open source artificial intelligence now makes our product very customizable for any required task!

Upon order your Millennium Paladin will arrive with standard issue security programming, Millennium brand handheld plasma cannon, and standard issue “red” armor. Additional equipment can be purchased from the manufacturer.

We thank you for your purchase and advise you to use our product responsibly. Millennium enterprises is not responsible for any damages to or by our product and are not responsible for the misuse of or products. Please handle with care.

RP aside, these guys are pretty much just faceless mass-produced robots from a mysterious and sketchy company who and exist to fight the important people. This also is actually the 4th version of this design. The previous ones were pretty much the same design except with a regular Hero Factory torso piece, 1 long shell for a face, and guns for hands. I’ll probably end up throwing together the older version and doing another RP type thing with, “Nows your chance to buy your very own Millennium Paladin V1 warrior addition! Limited offer!”
I hope you enjoyed.



looks great, can i buy one?

He could use some eyes, or at least a covering for his head. Not sure how I feel about how empty it is, even if he’s supposed to be a robot.

The rest is…alright? It’s super generic but it’s meant to be a blank “soldier” type character, so I can understand why.

I guess it’s just a bit too open for my tastes. Ah well, doesn’t mean it’s specifically bad, just a bit bland.

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A bit of a blank slate, but the design of the torso is pretty cool.

Oh no…

I think maybe a bit more of its red color should be on the MOC, it is the red model after all.

Also the way you attached those shoulder covers is pretty neato!