Buying Lewa 2008 kanohi mask

I am currently looking for Lewa’s 2008 mask from the akalara t9 set. I can’t for the life of me find one and I really want my Lewa to be complete once more. Thought I’d ask this amazing community for help.

Anyone got one they’d be willing to sell to me? I’m based in the U.S.


It may be easier to purchase one on bricklink.


I’ve looked there but Unfortunately all of them are from overseas which is both expensive and risky at the moment.

I’m sure it would still be cheaper to just get it off bricklink. I’m in England and I’ve been buying parts from sellers in the Netherlands, yet the shipping is still low.

It might be cheap for you, but one of the seller’s I asked on there thats from England ended up saying the shipping alone is about $15, which is definitely way higher than if someone on this side of the ocean had it. Especially for such a small item. I just thought I’d ask here so I wouldn’t have to spend that much on just a mask.

You might want to wait a bit, as I believe a lot of shops are closed rn because of Covid. If you wait for them to reopen, you might be able to find some cheaper ones based in the US.

Just wait a bit, stuff will pop up on Bricklink soon enough
It might be worth looking into getting the whole set from an american seller, because that’d probably cost just as much as ordering the mask itself from overseas.