Buzz-ra ( battle hornet)

I was bored last night and I haven't posted anything in a while ( not that it matters) so I made this guy

there name is buzz-ra also known as battle hornets.
they inhabit large underground hives under the dense jungle floor
only coming out to hunt, forage for items ( they love sweet things its also there only weakness) and to fight intruders.

they fight to the death using there sharp spiked arms they will never stop fighting until they have destroyed there opponent.

they can fly in short burst for few feet over the ground.

please no comments about the red and blue pins I know there distracting but I don't have black ones
it was inspired by this cute guy the Japanese hornet


Ahhhhhhh! This size of that hornet! Holy crap! Aghhhhh! That's horrifying! Changing the subject, nice build I really wasn't expecting that, thought you were going to make an actual hornet shaped character not a humanoid one, so cool on that point! The crotch piece kinda bugs me, don't really know what that's there and just seems like pointless bulk and he doesn't have a back stinger, I guess that works with his build but I tend to find the back stinger is what really signifys a bee/hornet type build.

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as you put it the "crotch piece" is the abdomen area normally where the stinger is. like I normally do I make it look only some what similar to the source material. its is also inspired by beedrill minus the stinger in the middle

Trust me I wanted to word that better but couldn't think of anything.
Ah that does make sense, it jus looked a bit strange without the stinger, still cool build and all, glad to see it.

I love the look and build the gap between the arms is the only flaw I would say great job

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Dem some sick dance moves bro

Not too shabby, although I think you should try for a custom head instead of a rahkshi one.

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bees and hornets do dance to communicate

Three words; instantaneous nightmare fuel.
I can totally imagine a few of these guys kidnapping a bunch of Matoran to feed to their young. The upper limbs could probably use a bit more armor on them, but otherwise, I'd consider this a success.


Why? Why would you say that?!?! Aghagahhaahgaa!


This is actually a really nice use of a rahkshi head, good job

Pretty nice, conveys "hornet" very well. I don't like the legs tho.

"cute". but this is really cool.