Bye bye box collection

Originally I probably intended to put everything back into its box, but well, that wouldn’t have been very space efficient, so I decided to finally get rid of all my Lego boxes that were gathering nothing but dust in my room and were taking up so much space in the loft…

I sadly forgot to count them, but from a quick look at the picture it are at least 40+, maybe even 50+.
I think I kept every box since about 2008 (and of course there are some from earlier years, too), although a few are missing because I actually keep some stuff in there and I thus kept them.

It’s actually pretty interesting how many Star Wars sets I have considering that nowadays I’m not at all interested in that theme anymore.

Well, here’s the tragic end of all these boxes:


RIP boxes, i did the same for a while, but box designs are not as impressive nowadays and can more often than not be viewed online.

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Good decision. Much as LEGO boxes bring back memories of first purchasing an opening sets, space is a top priority.

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rip in rip those relics.


Well, now that the boxes are rip, you now have more space for Lego, so that’s a plus

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You monster.


and you still needed 2 boxes for all of them, man did you have a lot of them

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Boxes have lives too! :stuck_out_tongue: