Bye Ray. Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 151 - Brown Out

So as we all know Ray is leaving Rooster Teeth. Annnnd I know there is already a topic on this but I don't care.

Talk about Ray leaving
Talk about This Ep of Mincraft Lets play as well so I don't have to deal with this topic getting moved or something.

I also found this comment on said video:

~~ Ray was sitting alone, waiting for the release of Hotline Miami 6. Then suddenly, a little boy comes rushing into his room.

"Dad, dad! Come see what I've done in Minecraft!"

"You've been playing that game nonstop for three days, you must be really liking it, huh?" said Ray, a joyfull look on his 35 year old face, as he follows his son. Whilst walking, a deep feeling starts to surface, one he himself hid long ago. Was it... a sign?

"So, what is it you want to show me-", started Ray when they reached the living room, but he couldn't finish. In front of him, an image long forgotten. Long forsaken.

"I dug for a while to get gold for the 'On a Rail' achievement, but I think it looks cooler this way", explained Ray's son, but he was no longer listening. The pixelated 4 blocks-tall yellow tower had his undivided attention. "I still don't have a name for it though," continued Ray's son, "maybe Tower of Winners? Tower of Players?"

"Pimps." Ray whispered as a single tear ran down his face.

"What happened, dad? Why are you crying?"

"Nothing, just remembering some old memories."

"Really? How were they?"

Ray smiled to himself:

"Incredibly boring."~~

The feels are real bad mate. The feels are real bad.
Anyways, this video was an adequate send off I think, wbu?

                           ~~~Stay Freaking Classy~~~

This episode was very feels-heavy. Not a thing I normally expect from AH. The last bit where he walked down the tunnel especially got to me.