BZP had a DDoS attack

So if you went to BZP when this post was new, the website was offline.
Apparently the same error as the DDoS one we had here. I don't know why or how, but @Nyran brought this up and I thought it might be worthy of being made a topic for discussion.


That's not good. Why would somebody do this? frowning

I haven't a clue, because I don't know anything about either attack.
They may or may not be unrelated, but if you want to hear a crazy conspiracy theory- MiB is back with a vengeance due to hearing of Bionicle's return and are being meanies.

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The other thing that's really sad about this is that TTV and BZP were finally seeming to make up. T_T


That was a fun read.

Hope it's not the MiB...

If you look at this adress in @Kretta 's image it says /var/
What did @IllustriousVar have to do with this?


I'm sure it's a coincidence.

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Even if it was the worst place that you claim it to be, it would still be wrong to take it down. They weren't doing anything illegal, and if you don't want to talk there then don't go.


O.o weird...

Has anyone from BZP reported anything? Like, the main members or the moderators themselves?

I don't say it wasn't wrong, I'm saying that it shouldn't be surprising.

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We may have a common enemy.


/var/ stands for variable, it has nothing to do with my name stuck_out_tongue

This is really awful news :/ really crappy time to get hit like this, 'specially since BZP was doing such a great job with news lately.

I wonder if this DDoSS attack has any connection to ours. There may be a malicious individual out for both of us.


@SammySpartan you really have a grudge against bzp dont you?
they arent doing anything wrong, and sure they have enemys, heck it might be one of the idiots who misunderstood ttvs vid about the tumblr incident, and even if they arent the best place to discuss, they are doing well with news and such

though I do wonder whats going on


As of today, October 14, 2014, the site is back up.

Good to hear. Since it seems as though we could all be friends again.

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Specifically, it's a general address for software hosted on servers (ours was located under /var/docker/ for a good while there). What that error is telling you is that the server could not connect to the database (databasenew, probably named that for the new boards). They use MySQL while we use PostgreSQL, but the basic principles remain the same.

For any of you thinking that the MiB are behind it, I sincerely don't think so. For one, they used to try to make their presence known, but there's nothing really on about this. It's just very unfortunate timing.

Sites go down all the time. Trust me, I know. =P It was only for a couple hours, so there's really nothing to draw from that. What happened with us was probably a completely unrelated accident that stemmed from me and Var being idiots and not securing our server as well as we should have. Don't read too far into this.


Speculation time;
- I'm guessing it was an annoyed BZP forum member

- It wasn't really at the peak of any specific announcement so I doubt it is someone else invested in reporting Bionicle news
- The site was back fairly quickly implying it was a short DDoS


I just wonder if it was the same person who attacked us

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