C.C.B.S. in system.

Because C.C.B.S. is becoming much more difficult to find, this topic is meant for the community to let other part hunters (such as myself) to find sets that have these elusive parts.

Please only refer to sets that are not retired, if they are, please mention this.

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Specify what you mean by CCBS. Do you mean the Hero Factory-style system of bone limbs with armour shells snapped on? because that system is dead.

The ball and socket system is still widely in use however; one recent and notable example is the T Rex Rampage set, which uses a ball and socket connection at the base of the neck as well as in the hips in combination with a simple gearing system for extra strength.

I know the shells and bones are dead, but I meant the ball and socket system (as to which you’re referring). More specifically the “hand” and ball.

Thank you though for pointing out how general my statement was.

I don’t know if there’s really a need for this topic unfortunately, so I’m gonna have to shut it down