Cadrik and the Rangi T5 by Toa_Aveex

Hey Everybody Toa_Aveex Here! I have had this Moc’s Pictures on my computer for 2 months now so with out further ado…

Cadrik and the Rangi T5!

Here’s the Rider,Cadrik He is based on one my friend

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot

Action Pose!
“You Talking To me?”

Here the the best Technic Build/ Bionicle vehicle I have ever made…
The Rangi T5

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot (The Turbo booster is probably one of my favorite part)

Attack Mode (All that happened was guns Flip out and the scope flips up…Yea very underwhelming…)

Here’s the Two together

(Attack Mode)

Close up

Here’s A comparison with Takau

Well that’s it
Comments? Question?
Post E’m down below!


I think Cadrix has a few too many colors but otherwise the moc is pretty good.

the vehicle’s pretty awesome

the matoran guy is even pretty good

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i really like the vehicle !

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This vehicle is freaking epic :heart_eyes:

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Cadrik is pretty cool

The Rangi T5 though, that’s amazing!

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I’m Glad you all REALLY like the Vehicle!

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Nice ride you got there, love the scope and guns :smile:

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That vehicle is amazing. Really well done, good job. :smile:

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