Cadriopex 11.

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A multi purpose machine from an ancient civilisation long gone. These machines are now highly sought after both for their parts, which are made of high grade metals, and for their use as weapons and workers for the most hostile of jobs. The body is essentially a platform for different kinds of tools that can be switched out by the owner as they see fit.

This particular model is used by the warlord Kratus Tron as a spy and assassin.

Cadriopex 11 using a transmitter orb to contact his master.


It seems a little messy, but other than that it’s good.


The whole moc is kinda messy, with colours that clash into each others. However, seeing that this is supposed to be an ancient machine, it kinda works. I am curious how a modern model of this would look like.

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The moc is quite messy, with clashing textures, making it hard to view, but it is a good attempt.

@Toa_Vladin It’s a machine that no longer can be reproduced since those who made them are dead. But i might do one for fun. And thanks, i wanted it too look like it’s been used and repaired a lot.

@Mr.Monopoly that’s the point. But i will probably update how it looks in the future

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Looks good. Nice big crab man.

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he’s… crabtastick.

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I don’t know what it is but I love it, although the joints could use some filling

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what do you mean?

Areas like this could use some filling


ah. I’ll see what i can do

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I like this concept and I like the idea that the robot has had repairs to it.

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