Calabrax the Reckoning: Episode 2: Prisoner

There Hallorian was, defeated, hopeless, and pitiless as he entered the coliseum as he was about to begin a fight to the death with a fire hopper. A fire hopper is a medium sized insectoid being with powerful legs that spew fire through its feet and has a poison gun as well as a stinger on its other arm. This would be a challenge for the general for a fire hopper is fast and its weapons are deadly. A guard suddenly pushed him into the arena and the fight began.

3 hours earlier

Hallorian was extremely saddened. He had just witnessed his beloved home planet be destroyed. His whole entire family was down there and he was to be killed in a coliseum with a fire hopper as his killer. He was desperately looking for ways to rescue his friends and get out of the ship alive, but there was no way out. All of his plans included his guards being distracted and that wasn’t happening as they had guns to his head and were on full alert. He also needed a gun, but Calabraxian guns were way different from Ferochian guns. In other words, he was stuck. He moaned,“At least give me some water.” His captors replied,“Not until we land on Calabrax 5.” Hallorian knew that he was in trouble.

Finally, the ship landed on Calabrax 5, the centre of the Calabraxian government and army. Little water was on Calabrax 5, so the people on Calabrax 5 got all their water from the neighboring planets Calabrax 1 and 4. Hallorian then was reunited with his friends Furion, Volora, and Shadow. They then were put in a room that had many types of weapons including Calabraxian guns, swords, and a specialty of the Calabraxian army, the shoulder mount which included weapons of any kind on it. It was later revealed that they would be going into the arena in 10 minutes.

15 minutes later

Hallorian had survived for quite a while. the fire hopper had injured him, sure, but he was still standing which was remarkable. The battle had so far gone out as Volora and Furion had gotten injured trying to defeat the beast, and Shadow was recovering from the insect’s toxic blast. Hallorian was so far halting the creature as he delfected the poison blasts using his Calabraxian blade (which he now started to like using), and used it to parry the stinger from stabbing him. He was now slicing at the creature and eventually cornered it. Suddenly, the creature started to glow. It was its hive-like survival instinct. If the enemy it was facing would be too strong, it would spew a napalm-like substance so that that enemy would not threaten the rest of the hive.

The bug burst spewing its acid everywhere. Hallorian yelled in pain as the substance ate through his armor and skin. He was able to recover from the blow. A door opened. Expecting the now deceased creature to win, the door was to open automatically when the battle was over. Hallorian used this chance to escape. He carried Furion while Shadow and Volora, now awake, ran away with him to a Calabraxian ship that looked sleek and fast. Hallorian got inside along with the rest of his fellow soldiers. Luckily, the controls were like that of a Ferochian ship and the last Ferochians sped off.

The Destroyer got the news very quickly. He became very angered by the current situation and decided to report to his master. He turned on a hologram and proceeded by saying,“The prisoners have escaped from the coliseum.” The voice said,“Do not worry, they will be back, and when they do they will be crushed like their planet.”

Hope you enjoyed part two of this series. Be sure to check out episode one as well. More mocs coming as well so stay tuned.

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Oh hey, it’s part two.

In the future I suggest you make the story all in one topic rather than split the chapters into different topics. Makes things less cluttered and allows people to follow your story.

It’s an improvement over the first chapter, the slower pace makes it easier for me to visualize the action better. Although the description of the fire hopper felt forced, instead of just telling us you should have had Hallorian describe the fire hopper through his own eyes.

Ok, thanks for the further advice. I might decide to try it. Thanks for reading the stories as well