Calabrax the Reckoning: Episode 3: Escape

Hallorian had time to relax for the first time in days. He was just about to fall asleep when he heard a blip on the radar. It detected a ship approaching fast. Hallorian’s first thought was that it was a Ferochian ship arresting them for illegal border crossing, but he remembered again that his planet was destroyed. He silently mumbled,“I need to tell the rest of the crew.” He went over to Furion, Volora, and Shadow, who were all playing 3D chess which was chess on a cube like structure. He went up to them and said,“I need to tell ou guys something very important.” Volora said,“Then spit it out.” Hallorian said,“Ferochia is destroyed. Our race is no more.” They all replied with disbelief. Furion thought it was a joke and started to laugh. Hallorian said,“You want proof, We are currently right by the coordinates of the prime minister’s throne room. Go see the coordinates for yourself.” Shadow checked the coordinates and started to weep. “He hasn’t weeped like that ever since he was a baby.” said Furion. Volora started to cry as well and Furion swore at the top of his lungs. He then stormed of to his room.

Right at that time, the blip came back onto the radar. Furion came out of his room and checked it. He said,“The radar detects it is a star eliminator.” Hallorian knew it would be dangerous. They were on that ship when his planet was destroyed. He ordered the soldiers to man the shock blaster on the rear, and the proton cannons on the front. He said,“I’ll handle the steering and the laser turrets. GO!” The ship was in range in no time and Volora activated the shock cannon. It fired and damaged the force field surrounding the star eliminator. Hallorian turned the ship around and told Furion and Shadow to fire the proton cannons. It was a direct hit and damaged a fuel cluster. The ship was recovering, so Hallorian told his troops,“We’re leaving while the repairs are being made.” Before they left, Hallorian commanded one more proton blast which destroyed the outer force field and part of the hull. The ship burst off and left the star eliminator in ruins.

hallorian then landed on Calabrax 2 which had immense forests and farms. It was the breadbasket of the Calabraxian empire. There Hallorian targeted a military base. He saw handheld electronizers, a type of ferochian gun, the kunasora, an element based blade, and many types of Ferochian jetpacks. All of which Hallorian knew how to operate. he decided to raid the base for food suplies and weapons that might come in handy when your facing an entire army. BOOM! The base’s wall exploded as Hallorian and the rest of the crew stormed the hangar. Hallorian Picked up a kunasora, an electronizer, and a jetpack KTY 100.3. Furion obtained a kunasora, a multi-purpose gadget called the skizor, and rocket boots. Shadow picked up an electronizer, a heal pack, and a RTC 20 which is also a jetpack. Volora picked up an elecronizer which she mounted to her shoulder. a clawsaber, and an electronic UZI as they attempted to leave. When they were doing that, a quick being kicked Furion right in the face when he left the base. He then assaulted the hangar with a sonic blaster. Three others appeared,one with two blades, one withswitchblades for arms an weapons on his shoulders, and one with gadgets of any sort all over his arms and shoulders. One of them shot a giant fire ball at shadow which scorched part of his left arm and his whole left leg into smithereens. He screamed in pain. Hallorian cold only think,“Is this the death of me?”

Hope you enjoyed this story. More coming soon and some mocs coming up. I will try to get the mocs on this site on Monday but it depends on my schedule. Be sure to check out the rest of my stories.

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