Calabrax the Reckoning: Episode 4 part 1: Questions

BOOM! One of the mysterious figures shot a deadly bolt at Hallorian. He dodged the flaming ball of energy and advanced at the 4 figures. Suddenly, weapons appeared from their shoulders and he got hit with a fire blast. Volora used her compact electronizer to temporarily disable the fire blasting device, but she was finally defeated by an energy blast from another of the figures. Furion charged at them with full might, his kunasora blasing in the wind. All of the figures shot at him. It was impossible to dodge. He was hit and collapsed to the ground.

Hallorian woke up. He did not know where he was. He knew that he and his steam had been defeated he started to worry,“What if they are dead. It would be all my fault for not being a good enough leader.” Before he could ponder the fate of his allies. He was brought to an interogation room. One of the figures who attacked him was the interogator. He said,"Hello Hallorian. I heard your team consists of 4 members correct? Hallorian reluctantly replied,“yes.” He said,“We only found 3 bodies. Where is your last member?” Hallorian did not answer. The being was about to leave the room when he said,“Oh! I forgot to tell you, my name is atorx and i am in the 4 from hell. The ones responsible for conquering half of your planet.”

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