Calabrax the Reconing: Episode 1: War

The world of Ferochia was the most magnificent empire in the universe. It sprawled across ten planets and took up almost 100 moons. The locals were the Ferochians, a powerful, but relatively peaceful people. Their General, Hallorian, was the most powerful general in the galaxy. He ruled an army of 10 trillion soldiers and took orders from the Prime minister Ventronian, who was the leader of the galaxy almost. After almost a millenia of peace, no one expected a war, but it came. A brutal race called the Calabraxians were assembled of Calabrax 5 and 4 other planets all satrting with the word calab which in their language meant "death to all." And so they would bring 1004 ears of war until the final battle. The Calabraxians had taken over the whole empire except for the capital city of Arcadius. The battle had taken many of a day and darkness descended quickly. The mighty general Hallorian led his troops into battle valiantly in the midst of this battle.

"Quickly," Hallorian said,"they're gaining on us." His technological manager Volora replied "I don't see you flying this ship with a broken aileron and a damaged rocket engine!" "Oh shut up," said his lead commander Furion,"Would you rather be caught by the destroyer instead of repairing and aileron!" Just in the midst of this, their tactician and the brother of Furion, Shadow, replied,"I know I wouldn't, so someone please repair this darn ship!" Volora used her natural magnetic powers to bend the aileron back into place.

Soon after that another ship appeared and fired 2 laser bolts at the damaged ship. "Warning," the ships computer said,"The ship has been critically damaged in the fuselage and in the formerly undamaged rocket engine." Suddenly, the ship started in a freefall down to the city. Luckily, the engine had not been damaged greatly and was able to restart before the ship crashed. The enemy ship fired 4 more bolts. 3 of them missed, but one hit near the cockpit and damaged the steering controls. the ship crashed and broke apart from the impact. "Ugh" Hallorian said before he collapsed.

When Hallorian woke up, he found himself in a laser-cage that was amplified to burn to the touch. He saw the one thing he never hoped to see as well. It was the Destroyer. He had shot down and captured him and his friends. "Well, well," the destroyer said,"I wasn't expecting the general of the Ferochian army Hallorian." Hallorian tired to reply, but couldn't gather the strength to do so. "I've been waiting for a while to find a proper bargaining chip to lay down the army's weapons." Hallorian was then draged to a room with his fellow soldiers Furion, Volora, and Shadow. Unlike him they were still unconscious. Hallorian could hear the Destroyer talking to Ventronian. He was able to stay awake long enough to hear the Prime Minister say,"I surrender"

Hope was all that Hallorian had in that cell. His fellow soldiers were unconscious, he had heard his own race surrender, and he had been locked inside a prison. His cell then opened and he heard a guard say,"Get up or I'll shoot you." He got up and walked to the cockpit of his enemy's ship. He then saw his planet, his beloved planet, be extrapolated by the Destroyer's Quasar Cannon on his ship. His planet was gone.

Hope you enjoyed this story and stay tuned for more stories like this. Might be a little slow with mocs because of school but I will try to make stories or post mocs of some of the characters in the story whenever I can.

The beginning feels more like a heavy exposition than a start of a story even by exposition terms. The chapter also seems a little too fast to really let the impacts of events hit you.

Nevertheless it has potential. I'm curious to how the story continues.

thanks for the comment. Im planing to make more build up and longer story lines later but you gotta start small right. Also these are supossed to be like chapters and this was the epilouge.