Caleros, Sentinel of Tranquility

Well, here it is, the first MOC of mine I've decided to put on the message boards! ^-^ (It's also the only MOC I've actually planned out before building :stuck_out_tongue: )

I actually made it with help/input from a friend, who told me the theme and color scheme to work off of, and had some input on the weaponry.

Yes, the mace doubles as a Flail

I designed the shields on the arms to also be able to function as swords, if need be. They're (somewhat) inspired by the shield Stormer had during the Brain Attack line.

Without cape:

It's my personal favorite of all the MOCs I've made so far, mostly because most of them suck. (I'm better with weaponry than actual characters :stuck_out_tongue: )
Feel free to leave any comments/questions/criticism below! :smile:


Want a back picture

this guy looks like the bonkles version of a Satyr or something. Lookin nice


Yes we found Mr Thomas


For what it is. it is pretty cool. I like the use of the Pakari nuva.


Here ya goes, sir! :smiley:

The cape mechanism is just a modified way of how it was on Furno XL, I just liked how the cape looked and fit in the original set, I just added some stuff onto it for detail. I probably should've used black since 75% of those grey pieces come in black. Oh well, :stuck_out_tongue: I also stuck some CCBS shells on the back of the arms, since it felt really bare and scrawny without them.

I like the moc.

but that swords guard is useless,
if he tried using it to stop a blade it would glance off and either hit him in the arm or leg.

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Yeah, I mostly did it for cosmetic reasons, :stuck_out_tongue: I mean I could just re-arrange the hilt with 1 long axle instead of 2 connected to the fist, and get the same result. I might look into it, actually.

EDIT: Okay, yeah. I found an axle the right length and tried it like that, and it looks much better. It lacks the length as before, but it still looks pretty gud ^-^

I love this MOC. It is really amazing looking, the weapons are really cool as well. I also like the legs. Fantasti-cool™ job. :smile:

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uh, the guard isn't the grip,
I think you misunderstood me.

the long grip(even lacking a pommel) would actually make some sense as the size of the blade would need to be counterbalanced for it the be effective.
the cross guard is sloped downwards, thus blows would glance off of it into him.

a simple solution would be rotating the technic connectors 180 and keeping the bohrok eyes facing up, this would create a pocket to catch a blade on either side.

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Ahh. Yeah, I see what ya mean now. I thought ye was referring to the height of the guard from his actual hand.I assume this is what you're referring to?

The back is kind of messy, but the front is amazing.

The look of the MOC is good and the weapons fit him, though the back looks a little messy.

Yes, that's better.

I got to admit this looks good.
Looks like it needs more red.