Call me Zcee Nook

Pronaunced: ceeNork or Zeenok

Where to start but a few years ago.
I began doing digital art in 2013 when My Necronmania was at it higest (Not an actual mental condition, ) Warhammer 40.000 race. in short( undead robots ninjas(IN SPACE))
I will share with you my tale: And those few that knows me already will know there will be pictures.

In the time I began doing digital art I keept to mecanical and often simple lines to learn.
It took along time but I mastered the usage of a mouse to draw digitally. (go into paint and try that, you will understand soon enough)
Lack of a drawing pad aside I evolved.

I even tried my hand at 3d

... Errors was made but learned from.

And since then I only improved:

Did I mention I love Necrons?



Pretty darn good art.

I wish I could draw. Or rather, had taken the time to practice it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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4 years spend almost every wake hour of my spare time Drawin necrons.

Ill say it was worth it for the simple wow effect new people get.

But I must get better. Can't let Ootamu Have all the Credit!

Lets meet Face to face.


These are some awesome drawings, though they bear similarities to General Grievious.

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Grevious will always hold a special place in my Primary core.

A legend without equal.

Then agian... Obiwan had plot armor...
NOT even the "HIGH GROUND" could help him.

BUT if they can cut Maul in two and have him back then grevious can come back too!

I just so happes to have a weakness for Disco.


This is one lot of heckin heresy

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The good type of Heresy.

I can hear you are familiar in the terms of Gothic.

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I love 40k and stuff, I've only read 6 books on the space marines and various xenos scum. The only thing I read about Necrons was in an ultrasmurfs book called Nightbringer. They're pretty cool

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Necrons are Great.

I play the Table top. So I kinda am in it to win it.

But I just LOVE necrons... only race that does not like chaos or is depended on it:


Impressive. Even your earlier drawings, despite lack of color, do look very well done.

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I really want to start the tabletop, I've been looking to get some Knights and Crimson Fists.

There is comming a new Edition soon.

Wait to get started. The new stuff is so much easier to get into.
You use D6 dice so you just need to plunder your Dice storage or find some.

Models are cool but Expensive so don't just buy alot. (Unless you can get people to buy for you). Rules and stuff should be simplified soon.

I am personally excited for this new edition.

WELL enough about Rules and stuff and back to the Artwork of me and my Court( necrons have command circles seperated in courts)

This is Tel'lokker, A deciving and silver tounged (Literaly) guy that deals in shady buisness preying on weakness around him.
Your casual trader.

He also carries himself with a smile and a great taste in cloathing...


He is a cool ol boi

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ah yes the necron, I've been playing dawn of war soul storm for quite a long time and (ahem) you never play against necrons on hard ..... EVER! aside form that these are amazing drawings i really like necrons and i feel like you've really captured their appearance


I guess you can say that They are literaly bots XD in that game.

And thank you. I am a newcron in spirit ( Oldcron and newcron discussion aside)

I am happy to see you like the artwork.

Much of it have taken a long time to develop.
Oldcrons meeting newcrons is my theme.

I really want to unite all the Necron fans out there to agree on a middelway in their lore.

Its a long discussion ill gladly talk about later.
Enjoy my Oldcron hook

This guy fought the C'tan when the Silent king revolted. (AKA GODS OF THE MATERIAL WORLD)
then faked his death to escape servitude to the Silent king.
He rarely speaks.
And weilds a C'tan shard as a Weapon (Scythe)
And he is also as Edgy as they come.... but oh well Oldcrons XD



Oh nvm



I love your art!

(Also that song. I love that song)

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I am gonna keep posting stuff... some of these are REALLY OLD.

I hope there are no limits to how much I must post.


Nice, as an Imperial Guard Junkie, I officially say, Well met

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  • Table top Flash back*



End of Flash back

well meet to you too.

Have a picture of me punching a Swarm lord.