Calling All fans of Maniamac1613

After my previous topics and recent freak out, I may sound like a fan boy, and I am! This topic is for anyone who enjoys Fight For Endworld / Hearts of Darkness, or would like to get into the series. For the later, watch this for starters!
Fight For Endworld Episode 1


Mind explaining to me what/who is Maniamac1613? I'm very interested to know wink

He's a biotuber who has made two interesting series (Fight for Endworld & Hearts of Vengeance). Click the link above to see what I'm talking about.

There's a whole topic for this type of thing.


Wait, is it that guy that made that video about that one moc getting dumped in a compacter with other mocs, and they nearly escape?

@ToaVuhii Lolz, I completely forgot about that topic smile Thank you Vuhii

No that was joeblackman100, though Maniamac1613 makes similar videos.


I am fully aware of that topic, and have posted on it, but I wanted to make one specifially for Maniamac. He's not royalty, but he does deserve recognition.

I think that topic is just for generally calling out other fans of stuff, but specific topics are still ok for more in-depth discussion of specific things.



I dislike the person himself.

tho, the stopmotion he does is pretty good
I watch that.

I've seen all of his first series, and some of his second series. The stop motion itself is top notch, although the backgrounds are low budget (understandable, though), and the MOCs themselves are...less than excellent, to be sure, although that also is likely due to budget, at least in part. At first I was iffy, because the swearing seemed to have no point, but his later episodes have definitely gotten better about it.


I always felt the same way about the swearing.

Omg i am a huge maniamac 1613 fan
Drazen dies twice
Zerec kills stahlt and andreas
Devasorak and two other kaethrani die
Zaries and drazen merge to form ultimate drazen

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