Camaka. Blade Master of the Brightlands.

Today I was disassembling one of my recent builds, Ayndreas. And as I got down to the skeleton I felt like it would be better to just re-skin it rather than break it down completely. So that’s how I ended up with Camaka.

The name is the Punjabi word for “brightness”. The initial reaction to his color scheme is that it’s garrish and overly conspicuous. But in the region he comes from, this is actually camouflage. It’s called the “Brightlands” because it is bathed in direct, blinding sunlight. Only those with masks with special eye coverings can operate there. Camaka’s mask has a tiny slit for his right eye, and a filtering monocle over his left eye. This grants him perfect visibility even under the brightest sun.




Oooh, I really like this one. It’s good to see that head used as well, I rarely ever seem to see it on mocs. My one qualm would be with the yellow great sword, and just that the hilt/studed area looks a little awkward.


Really interesting use of the Av Matoran hands/legs! Looks awesome!


Great colors and very spiky


This is a great moc. 8/10

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