Can a Toa of Lightning make new Toa Inika?

It’s a strange question and I suspect the answer is no, but curiosity got the better of me.
In BIONICLE Legends 2: Island of Doom, the Red Star transforms Jaller and his companions into Toa Inika with a bolt of lightning. The process charges their bodies and enhances their elemental powers with electricity. If a Matoran who was destined to become a Toa was struck by regular lightning, would they become beings similar to the Toa Inika as well, or was there something special about the lightning bolts from the Red Star? If the latter, would it be possible for a Toa of Lightning to recreate that special lightning to achieve a similar effect?
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The Red star shot lighting bolts that had different energies than normal ones,
so no,they would be able to do the same thing.


That’s what I figured. Otherwise there would have probably been more beings like the Toa Inika throughout history.

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No single source, but evident from the story. I detail the intricacies of the Inika and more in this topic: Many flavors of energy in the Matoran Universe