Can anyone help me with finding a permanent name?

Hello this is Pyrox or shortly will be something else. It seems all the Topics I post go to the Other’s section but I guess that’s just my curse or something.

Anyways I’ve had many names since my first Self Moc. Whenever I make a self moc I turn to my Bio Bros on Instagram for help but unfortunately (even if they don’t know it) they always chose already used names.

So this time I turn to a larger community of people, on the TTV Forums.

I’ve been called Detox, and Pyrox but both were already taken. I know this may not seem like a good way to spend your time to wright down a name but I really want my own custom name (and truth be told I suck at making names).

Now if you are going to help me let me just tell you my moc is from ko-koro and is male so that should be all, thanks if you did suggest a name and if I don’t get any that’s alright. I’ll think of one someday anyways.

This may seem like a pointless but it probably is.

Your friend, ---------


Snatch your new name from a Yu-Gi-Oh Card.


I dunno. Just choose what sounds right. Name possibilities:


Just some random names off the top of my head.


I suffered from this problem too, but then I just started to use Google translate to come up with names when I was stumped. For instance, my online name came from like the Greek word for “builder” or something like that. Or for some of my MOCs I’ll do something similar, and just slightly change the word to sound like a name. Hope this helps! :smile:


That trick is tried and true.

A good trick to do is pick consonants that are important to you and build your name around it.
Different letters invoke emotional responses.
X invokes intrigue
R is majestic/regal
F is harsh/strong

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Most of my Names come from. Latin. Won’t help much, since most of you don’t know Latin, but if you do, it could help.

stirculus could be an amazing latin name for him

Latin is overused these days

username is the best name

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How about Nevil Paparmen

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I based my name off of the word Ichor. The original idea was for my name to be Ichorak, buuut that just sounded like a Toa of Mosquitoes or something like that.

I’d suggest finding some form of language that you like, finding a word that you like/want to meaning of, and slightly twisting the word around before adding some cool sounding suffix to the end.


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Nvm, saw the custom name part

Try Cazador.
Spanish for hunter

Centeriex, my friend. Centeriex.

I’m telling ya @Pyrox get dem Yu-Gi-Oh names.

Yzon (Ice son)

Thank you everyone for the names, I read and thought about them all but I think I like @Risebell’s about the Yu-Gi-Oh names. All of them were really good but it would be cool to have my self moc named after a Yu-Gi-Oh.

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K, this is what you do. Dump 5 boxes of Crayola crayons into a bucket, and shake it violently. Once done, plunge your head into the bucket, and pick out ONE crayon with your teeth. The name of that color is now your name. Forever.

Oh, wait was I the only one that did that? Huh.

Idk, use Ferax or something