Can CCBS sockets break?

I myself never had this problem.

I am assuming you mean "CCBS"

everything can break, but you would have to put effort into breaking ccbs

Yea believe it or not it is also called Ultra Build.

Not really, lego refers to it as ccbs, they just call stuff that wasnt originally constraction ultra build
*like chima, and marvel and dc


Well okay ill change the tittle.

Ultrabuild is a title for CCBS sets within typically non-constraction themes.
CCBS is the actual name for the system.
Yes, it can break. It is inarguably a good deal more resilient than the old parts, though.

(I fixed the title and categorization for you, too, by the way.)


I had one Friction add-on piece that's got weak somehow, but besides that, I have no problems.

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Thanks man

Yes, they can.

Any Lego piece can break over time depending on how long you've had the piece, how much playability and a bunch of other factors.


I think the question isn't "can they break?",
but rather, "how hard is it to break them?"


Easy. Just smash them with a hammer.
Actually, though, I've yet to have a CCBS socket break.


gets hammer


yes yes they can


gets Political_Hammer

but yeah, I almost want to try and break some parts now...



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Post some pics, and then another pic of you crying after realizing you just broke several of your most used parts stuck_out_tongue

But seriously, of course it can break, it's just significantly less likely because it's tougher. I'd be more than happy to look at all of the peices you guys break though while I keep mine nice and whole.

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Generally speaking though, CCBS system pieces are designed to be more durable than standard Technic with how pressure is applied throughout the piece.

Absolutely, but you still shouldn't smash them with a hammer

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I know a few people who have had the pieces break on them recently... from sets brought in the first year of HF.

Gets ban_hammer

The only problem with CCBS joints I have had so far is that the ones from '11 are getting loose. I doubt mine will break anytime soon.