Can 'Dismissing single Topics' be an option?

Hello guys!

I have been going through topics and sometimes there's too much to read and most of the time I read the topic name and I would like to dismiss it faster. To dismiss a topic I have to click on the topic and then 'x' out that page. My poor fingers and my weak patience were straining, so I thought I would make this topic.

At the bottom, there is a feature to dismiss all new topics, but I don't want to dismiss everything, I would like to just dismiss certain topics that I can tell by the title I would like to ignore. So, if it's not too much trouble, could you guys add a dismiss button to the end of a topic bar?

This is just a request and I don't need it, but I think it would make a nifty tool for those who would use it.



Well, you can click on it and mute it for each individual one, but I agree, there should be something to make that happen.

I don't want to mute it, just not read it.

...Just don't read it then?

I just want it out of my new topic section faster then opening it and 'x'ing it out.

How about this instead...
A read later section?

^^^That actually sounds a lot better...

My 'new' section always is cluttered with old topics that I haven't caught up on.


It does. But I'd have to contact Kahi or another admin on this.

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Here's how it would work: we would put a request to the developers of our forum software. If they decide to add that functionality, they would then develop it, test it, then push it out to the users, and then we would have to wait for our service providers to install it.

So it would take a while and we don't have a lot of control over it. But it's a nice idea. Keep your fingers crossed.