Can Keetongu also undo other mutations or transformations?

Examples could include the Toa Mata to Toa Nuva (energized protodermis), the enlarged Gadunka, Nidhiki’s mutations, or Miserix (the Great Mask of Mutation).

It stuck me as curious, but I wanted to go ahead and ask since the only one that I’ve heard of him doing was being able to undo the mutations from Hordika venom.

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Keetongu cures people from toxins he is familiar to. He has no real transformation powers. So if the one in question was transformed by a venom Keetongu knows, he can cure it.


Nothing to add to @Makutros’s answer other than it is correct.

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I’d be great to know that full list or some examples of the others ones that we, the fanbase, could get to actually know specifically.

He literally gave you the most accurate list with the link from BS01 actually.

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