Can Makuta survive in space?

Hello all! I was curious, can Makuta survive in Space? If so, let’s say Vamprah or krika ended up adrift, is there any power at his disposal that would allow him to move around in space? Or would he just be stuck drifting? Thank you for your help!


In the next split second, he found himself floating in the void of space alongside the others. Of them all, only Miserix wasn’t succumbing to suffocation, since antidermis didn’t need to breathe. But the cold of outer space would claim him eventually. Makuta Teridax had thrown some of the most powerful beings in his universe out like the trash, and it looked like they wouldn’t survive the experience.

While a makuta wouldn’t need to worry about breathing, their antidermis would freeze over time, killing them in the process.

As for propulsion, I imagine they might be able to fire their energy powers like plasma iron-man style. They also have gravity and teleportation, so they aren’t drifting helplessly.


Good reference! I forgot about that piece of story! Thank you! Also very good point. Makuta are quite resilient and versatile indeed. I suppose they could even activate their Ice Resistance Rahkshi power to stave off the cold of space for a while longer or until their energy depleted. It appears the power can allow users to withstand sub freezing temperatures and even make Nuva Ice Powers ineffective.


Now that I hadn’t thought about. But what happens if you melt frozen antidermis? Would it revive the Makuta?


I guess I never thought about it either. The only references we have are when Maxilos/Teridax and mutran are frozen by Matoran and or Kopaka and they both recovered, teridax once warmed up was able to move again. Though I have no idea if their Antidermis was frozen in the process or just their armor. We also know that Antidermis can be a solid crystal state, liquid of gaseous. Perhaps when it warmed from it’s frozen state it would revive the Makuta. I suppose its possible. It says they would be frozen in space after a time, but doesn’t say they would die.


This would make for a painful punishment if Teridax wanted to hurt one of the others. He could just freeze them and make it take a long time for them to thaw out.


“Now even his energy was beginning to crystallize, not at all good from his point of view.”
“Death by freezing had not been a part of that scheme.”

Both from Into the Darkness, when Matoro freezes old Terry.


The energized protodermis loses its qualities when it is frozen. when shattering happened the protodermis in the core spilled out and froze. I assume energized protodermis entity would also freeze

Therefore as another energy/mass species Makuta would die too.