Can non-Makuta Create Rahi?

If they had the proper tools and knowledge, could Matoran, Vortix, or any other interested parties create new life forms? Would there be a way to extract the appropriate viruses from living Rahi to recreate them, and then to combine different aspects into totally new creatures, in a sort of Chimera style like the Rahi-Nui? The equipment could be built, right? apparently the initial 100 Makuta assembled all the necessary machines themselves, as Mata-Nui created them after leaving Spherus Magna.

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Why would you ever use the BIONICLE Wikia? Serious question.




Not sure why I used it. Anywho, this should answer the question.


Yes, far far better

There’s also

“The Energy Hounds were created by the Hand of Artakha to assist them, and were some of the first Rahi in existence.[OGQ]”

(And of course the First Rahi made by the Great Beings)

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