Can Rahkshi of Plant Control create Plantlife?

Rahkshi (and Kraata) of Plant Control are stated to have various go-to measures of defense, such as:

  • Leaves a trail of slippery, unpleasant weeds wherever it slithers. (Level 1)
  • Has the ability to grow a thicket of thorny, poisonous plants around itself. (Level 3)
  • Can summon vines from the ground or wall to ensnare enemies. (Level 4)
  • Can […] use fast-growing creepers to spread infection. (Level 5)

However, these descriptions - particularly the one about summoning vines from a wall - imply that this is not just plantlife control, but plantlife creation (when necessary) as well.

On the contrary, the name “Plant Control” is not “Plantlife Creation & Manipulation”, just “Control”.

However, this could have been purely for the sake of brevity or to match the naming scheme of “Rahi Control”/“Insect Control”.

It also could have been because the secondary elements were not considered elements at the time the Kraata powers were written, and therefore the Rahkshi powers did not have the same names as what they were called by the Toa.

There is also a compelling argument that says Plant Control is based on the presence of seeds in the soil virtually wherever it goes, but I find that some of the wording in the Kraata guide makes this less compelling.

Regardless, I’d just like a final clarification to put this debate to a definitive rest. Thanks :slight_smile:


the Rahkshi power for plant is plant control, not plant creation. So a Makuta can control existing plants, he cannot create new ones.

Based on this, I would guess that Makuta send their Plant Control Rahkshi into battle covered into vines, or limit them to places with preexisting plantlife — though I think the latter sounds limiting.

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