Can the Kanohi Rode detect written lies?

Hey, Greg!

I just had a question pop into my head while thinking about the Kanohi Rode. I know BS01 states that it can penetrate any deception but that it “can only detect lies when the target is aware that they are lying.” So my question is: could the Rode detect a lie that was written down, so long as the writer was aware of the falsehood at the time? For example, if a villain was attempting to lead someone into a trap by sending them a written message that contained a lie, would the Rode be able to detect it?

Additionally, I might as well also ask this: can the Rode detect lies told by a person with a mental shield? I’m not sure if the mask detects lies through some sort of telepathy, but given that it worked on Krakua when he said he was a member of the OOMN, it seems like it has the ability to breach a mental barrier.

Thanks, and have a great day!