Can the Toa Nuva turn off their Adaptive Armor?

Can the Toa Nuva (and Tahu) turn off the part of their adaptive armor that allows it to transform? If so, does the armor keep the last form it was in when the adaptive feature was switched off, or does it revert to its default form?

Also, can the adaptive armor assume its default form if the Toa wills it? Why would the armor ever transform from the sky form (for example) into the default form (besides outside influences like the Ignika)?


Not sure why you would want to, but interesting question.

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I’m not sure if the Toa can deactivate the armour completely (other than just taking it off), but these quotes show what would happen in the case of a “partial deactivation”

Also, they cannot control it when it is active:

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Well if the adaptive armor keeps its last used form when it was deactivated, then you could have quite an advantage. Hypothetically the Toa would be able to keep their flight capabilities if they turned off the armor while it was in their sky/swamp forms.

Mainly Im just confused as to why the armor would ever go back into the default form, when it’s clearly inferior to other forms like the sky or even desert forms. I can understand an exception for Tahu because of the Ignika’s interference, but not for the Toa Nuva.

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They wander into a lab and the armor takes the form of Iron Man’s armor…